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Index of All Posts (alphabetical by title)

INDEX OF ALL POSTS (alphabetical by title) 

À tout prendre (All Things Considered, aka Take It All) Claude Jutra (screenwriter and director) / 1963 [film]

Aadat (Habit) Iqran Rasheed (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Aaron Shurin:Postmodern Romantic [biography/personal memory]

L'abbé Bitt au couvent (Abbot Bitt at the Convent) / 1925 [porno film]  

The ABC of Love (see Das Liebes-ABC)

Abhauen (Bygone) Kim Culetto and Ilja Baumeier (screenwriters and directors) / 2022 [short film]

Los abrazos rotos (Broken Embraces) Pedro Almodóvar (screenwriter and director) / 2009 [film]

Abuse Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. (screenwriter and director) / 1983 [film]

Accatone Sergio Citti and Pier Paolo Pasolini (screenplay), Pier Paolo Pasolini (director) | 1961 [film]

Acceptance Daniel Nemes (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Accident Harold Pinter (screenplay, based on the novel by Nicholas Mosley), Joseph Losey (director) / 1967 [film]

Ace Jordan Gear (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Ace of Pentacles John Wieners (New York: James F. Carr and Robert A. Wilson, 1964) [poetry]

Aces Jordan-Paige Sudduth (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

Aceito (I Do) Felipe Cabral (screenwriter and director) / 2014 [short film]

The Act Matthew Baldwin, Thomas Hescott, and Peter Lawson (screenplay), Thomas Hescott (director) / 2020 [short film]

Action verité (Truth or Dare) François Ozon (screenwriter and director) / 1994 [short film]

An Actor’s Revenge (see Yukinojo henge)

The Actress Rick Gradone (creative director), Andrew Ondrejak (director) / 2021 [short film]

Actos impuros (Unclean Acts) Julián Hernández and Roberto Fiesco (screenplay), Roberto Fiesco (director) / 1993 [short film]

Alice Adams Dorothy Yost, Mortimer Offner, and Jane Murfin (screenplay, based on the novel by Booth Tarkington), George Stevens (director) / 1935 [film]

Adão e Eva (Adam and Eve) Joaquim Leitão (screenwriter and director) / 1995 [film]

Admirador secreto (Secret Admirer) Roberto Pérez Toledo (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

El Adorable Inquilino (The Adorable Tenant) Álvaro Martín Sanz (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

The Adorable Tenant (see El Adorable Inquilino)

The Adventures of Billy James Carroll (screenplay), D. W. Griffith (director) / 1911 [short film]

Adventures of Jimmy James Broughton (director and actor) / 1950 [short film]

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Stephan Elliot (screenwriter and director) / 1994 [film]

Advise & Consent Wendell Mayes (screenplay, based on the novel by Allen Drury), Otto Preminger (director) / 1962 [film]

The Affairs of Cellini Bess Meredyth (screenplay, based of The Firebrand of Florence by Edwin Justus Mayer), Gregory La Cava (director) / 1934 [film]

En Aften (An Evening) Søren Green and Tomas Lagermand Lundme (screenplay), Søren Green (director) / 2016 [short film]

After (a.k.a. Time Off) Eytan Fox (screenwriter and director) / 1990 [short film]

After Mark Pariselli (screenwriter and director, suggested by a poem by Dennis Cooper) / 2009 [short film]

After Dark, My Love James Foley and Robert Redlin (screenplay, based on the book by Jim Thompson), James Foley (director) / 1990 [film]

After Hours Joseph Minion (screenplay, based, in part, on a radio monologue by Joe Frank), Martin Scorsese (director) / 1985 [film]

After Noon Koo Chia Meng (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

After School Sam Greisman (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

After Sunset, Dawn Arrives Andy Yi Li (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

Afterglow (see Poente)

An Afternoon (En eftermiddag)

Ageless Heath Daniels (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men Humphrey Pearson and Edward Kaufman (screenplay, based on a play by Joseph Kesselring) Mark Sandrich (director) / 1933 [film]

Agostino Goffredo Parise and Mauro Bolognini (screenplay, based on a fiction by Alberto Moravia), Mauro Bolognini (director) / 1962 [film]

Agua (Water) Santiago Zermeño (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Aidos Robert W. Gray (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

A.I.D.S.C.R.E.A.M Jerry Tartaglia (director) / 1988 [film]

L’Air de Paris Marcel Carné and Jacques Sigurd (screenplay, based on La Choute by Jacques Viot), Marcel Carné (director) / 1954 [film]

Aishite Imasu 1941 (愛しています) / Mahal Kita 1941 (I Love You) Ricardo Lee (screenplay) Joel Lamangan (director) / 2004 [film]

Al buio (In the Dark) Josella Porto (screenplay), Fabio Mollo (director) / 2005 [short film]

Alan Turing: The Enigma Andrew Hodges (author) / 1983, 2014 [biography]

Albert Herring Eric Crozier (text, based on a story by Guy de Maupassant), Benjamin Britten (composer) / Los Angeles, LAOpera, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, March 11, 2012 [opera]

George Albon (USA) [poetry]

Alex Strangelove Craig Johnson (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [film]

Alexandria…Why? (see Iskanderija... lih?

Alger la blanche (White Algiers) Cyril Collard and Jean-Marie Guillaume (screenplay), Cyril Collard (director) / 1986 [short film]

Algie the Miner Harry Schenck, Edward Warren, and Alice Guy (directors) / 1912 [short film]

Alirón Adrià Llauró (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Alirón 2 (El Descanso) Adrià Llauró (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

Alive and Kicking (see Indian Summer)

 Alkali, Iowa Mark Christopher (screenwriter and director) / 1995 [film]

All About My Mother (see Todo sobre mi madre)

All in My Family Hao Wu (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [film]

All Male, All Nude Gerald McCullouch (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [documentary]

All Quiet on the Western Front George Abbott (screenplay, as adapted by Maxwell Anderson and Del Andrews, with added dialogue by Anderson), Lewis Milestone (director) / 1930 [film]

All the Awards I Never Gave You (see Todos Os Prêmios Que Eu Nunca Te Dei)

All the Crows in the World 天下烏鴉 (see Tian xia wu ya)

All Things Considered, aka Take It All (see À tout prendre)

All You Can Eat Michael Brynntrup (director) / 1993, USA 1995 [short film]

Allons z'enfants (The Boy Soldier) Yves Boisset and Jacques Kirsner (screenplay, based on the novel by Yves Gibeau), Yves Boisset (director, assisted by Jean Achache) / 1981 [film]

Almamula Juan Sebastián Torales (screenwriter and director) / 2023 [film]

Almayer’s Folly (see La Folie Almayer)

Almost a Lady Anthony Coldeway and F. McGrew Willis (screenplay, based on a story by Frank R. Adams), E. Mason Hopper (director) / 1926 [film]

Almost Saw the Sunshine Leon Lopez (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

Along Came Auntie Carl Harbaugh, Stan Laurel. James Parrott, Jerome Storm, Beatrice Van. H. M. Walker, Frank Wilson, and Hal Yates (writers), Fred Guiol (director) / 1926 [short film]

Always Bethani Mosher (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

L’amant supris Léon Beaulieu (publisher, based on film images by Georges Méliès / 1896-1901 / [Flipbook #23]

Los amantes pasajeros (I’m So Excited) Pedro Almodóvar (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [film]

Amateur Dramatics Linnea Ritland (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

The Amazing Mr. Williams Dwight Taylor, Sy Bartlett, and Richard Maibaum (screenplay, based on a story by Sy Bartlett), Alexander Hall (director) / 1939 [film]

The American Friend (see Der amerikanische Freund)

The American Soldier (see Der amerikanische Soldat)

Der amerikanische Freund (The American Friend) Wim Wenders (screenwriter, based on a novel by Patrica Highsmith, and director) / 1977 [film]

Der amerikanische Soldat (The American Soldier) Rainer Werner Fassbinder (screenwriter and director) / 1970 [film]

Los amigos raros (Weird Friends) Roberto Pérez Toledo (screenwriter and director) / 2014 [film]

Les amis (The Friends) Gérard Blain and André Debaecque (screenplay), Gérard Blain (director) / 1971 [film]

Les amitiés particulières (This Special Friendship) Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost (screenplay, based on the novel by Roger Peyrefitte), Jean Delannoy (director) / 1964 [film]

Amor crudo (Raw Love) Martín Deus (screenplay), Juan Chappa and Martín Deus / 2008 [short film]

Amor de Hombre (Love of Man), a.k.a. Manly Love Yolanda García Serrano and Juan Luis Iborra (writers and directors) / 1997 [film]

Amphetamine Warren Sonbert and Wendy Appel (directors) / 1966 [short film]

Amsterdam Sam Langshaw (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

Amour et science (Love and Science) M. J. Roche (screenwriter, based on a story “Liefde en Westenschap,” and director) / 1912 [short film]

あなたが好きです、大好きです(Anata-ga suki desu, dai suki desu) (I Like You, I Like You Very Much) Hiroyuki Oki (screenplay and director) / 1994 [film]

Anatomy of Desire David Wilson (screenplay), Peter Tyler Boullata and Jean- François Monette (directors) / 1995 [documentary film]

And the Band Played On Arnold Schulman (screenplay, based on And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic by Randy Shilts), Roger Spottiswoode (director) / 1993 [film]

Andělé nejsou andělé (Not Angels but Angels) Wiktor Grodecki (writer and director) / 1994 [film]

Andere Frauen  (Different Women), aka Schwüle Stunden | Franz Pollack (screenplay, based on the novel by Hugo Bettauer), Heinz Hanus (director) / 1928 [lost film]

Anders als die Andern (Different from the Others) Richard Oswald and Magnus Hirschfeld (screenplay), Richard Oswald (director) / 1919 [film]

Anders als du und ich (§175) (Different from You and Me) a.k.a Bewildered Youth  Felix Lützkendorf and Hans Giese (screenplay and advisors), Viet Harlan (director) / 1957 [film]

Andrei Rublev Andrei Tarkovsky and Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky (screenplay), Andrei Tarkovsky (director) / 1966 [film]

Ang Tatay Kong Nanay (My Father, My Mother) Orlando Nadres (screenplay), Lino Brocka (director) / 1978 [film]

憚り天使 (Angel in the Toilet) | Kōichi Imaizumi (screenwriter and director) | 1999 [film]

L’Animale Katherina Münkstein (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [film]

Anochecer (Nightfall) Lucas Mac Dougall (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

Another Country Julian Mitchell (screenplay), Marek Kanievsky (director) / 1984 [film]

Another Fine Mess James Parrott / 1930  [short film]

Anthem Marlon T. Riggs (director) / 1991 [film]

Antignón, un contigente épico Rogelio Orizondo (text, with dramaturgy by Orizondo and Carlos Díaz) / Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater), March 15, 2017  [performance art / drama]

Anything Once Dan Aeberhard (screenwriter and director) / 1998 [film]

The Apartment Above (see Piętro wyżej)

Apartment Zero Martin Donovan and David Koepp (screenplay), Martin Donovan (director) / 1988, general release 1989 [film]

I apostasi anamesa ston ourano ki emas (The Distance Between Us and the Sky)  Vasilis Kekatos (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Are Waitresses Safe? Victor Heerman and Hampton Del Ruth (directors) Are Waitresses Safe? / 1917 [film]

Arias with a Twist Joey Arias (performer), Basil Twist (director) / Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) at The Walt Disney Concert Hall, November 21, 2009 [drag performance]

Arizona to Broadway William M. Conselman and Henry Johnson (screenplay), James Tinling (director) / 1933 [film]

L’armée du salut (Salvation Army) Abdellah Taïa (writer and director, based on his fiction) / 2013, USA 2015 [film]

Arrangement Chadlee Skrikker (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

As buvau Maksas (I Was Max) Lukas Kacinauskas / 2022 [short film]

As I Sat in His Car... Kalil Haddad (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

As We Hold Hands Clementine Narcisse (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

As You Like It J. M. Barrie (treatment), R. J. Cullen (scenario, based on the play by William Shakespeare) Paul Czinner (director) / 1936 [film]

John Ashbery (see A Dinner Party with John Ashbery)

Ashug-Karibi (Ashik Kerib) Gia Badridze (scenario, based on a story by Mikhail Lermontov), Sergei Parajanov and Dodo Abashidze (directors) / 1988 [film]

Ask Father H. M. Walker (screenplay), Hal Roach (director) / 1919 [short film]

The Assignation Curtis Harrington (screenwriter and director) / 1953 [short film]

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story Tom Rob Smith and Maggie Cohn (writers, based on the book Vulgar Favors by Maureen Orth), Ryan Murphy, Nelson Cragg, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, Daniel Minahan, and Matt Bomer (directors) / 2018 [film]

Assunto de Familia (Family Affair) Caru Alves de Souz (screenwriter and director) / 2011 [short film]

At the Floral Ball (see Au bal de Flore)

L’Atalante (aka Le Chaland qui passe) Jean Vigo and Albert Riéra (writers, based on an original scenario by Jean Guinée), Jean Vigo (director) / 1934 [film]

Atelier Faiminette (Women’s Workshop) / 1921 [porno film]

Atmósfera (Atmosphere) | Emiliano Arenales Osorio, Ulises Pérez Mancilla, and Sergio Loo (screenplay), Julián Hernández (director) / 2010 [short film]

Atracción (Male Affection) Oscar Kid (screenplay), Carolina Quinteros (director) / 2021 [short film]

Au bal de Flore (At the Floral Ball) Alice Guy(-Blaché) (director) / 1900 [short film]

Au bruit des clochette (When You Hear the Bells) Chabname Zariab (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Audition Adam Tyree (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Agua (Water) Santiago Zermeño (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Augusto Anibal Quer Casar (Augusto Anibal Wants to Get Married) Vittorio Verga (screenplay), Luiz de Barros (director) / 1923 [lost film]

Aunt Fannie David Nahmod (screenwriter), Neil Ira Needleman (director) / 1994 [short film]

Aus eines Mannes Mädchenjahren  (A Man’s Girlfriend) Karl Grune and Beate Schach (screenplay, based on a anonymous biography by NOBody), Paul Legband and Julius Rode (directors) / 1919 [film]

Аутло (Autlo) (Outlaw) Ksenia Ratushnaya (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [film]

Autoportrait, ou Ce quí manque a nous tous Man Ray (director) / c. 1930 [short film]

Autre Fois J'ai Aime Une Femme Edward Owens (director) / 1966 [short film]

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas Gertrude Stein / 1933 [autobiography / fiction]

The Awakening (see El despertar)

Awakening (see En forelskelse)

The Awful Truth Viña Delmar (screenplay, based on the play by Arthur Richman), Leo McCarey (director) / 1937 [film]

Ece Ayhan (see A Blind Cat Black and Orthodoxies)

Ece Ayhan (see “A Discussion with Murat Nemet-Nejat on His Translation of Ece Ayhan’s A Blind Cat Black and Orthodoxies”)

Ayor Tom Bakker (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Az Élet királya (King of Life) József Pakots (screenplay), Alfréd Deésy (director) / 1918 [short film]

Aztec Bondage Robert Henry Mizer (director) / 1959 [film]

Ba wang bie ji (Farewell My Concubine) Bik-Wa Lei and Wei Lu (screenplay), Pik Wah Li (as Lillian Lee, screenplay and novel), Kaige Chen (director) / 1993 [film]

Baal Volker Schlöndorff (writer, based on the play by Bertolt Brecht, and director) / 1970 [film]

Baby Jessie Levandov (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

The Baby and the Stork George Hennessy (screenplay), D. W. Griffith (director) / 1912 [short film]

Baby Clothes Hal Roach (screenplay), Robert F. McGowan (director) / 1926 [short film]

Baby Puss Webb Smith (story), Joseph Barbera and William Hanna (directors) / 1943 [short animated film]

Don Bachardy (see Dinner with Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, Los Angeles / c. 1986)

Back Again (see De Vuelta)

Back Room Guillem Morales (writer and director) / 1999 [short film]

Back Stage Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1919 [film]

Bad Education (see La mala educación)

Bad Girls / The Does (Les Biches)

La Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels) Jacques Demy (screenwriter and director) / 1963, USA 1964 [film]

The Ballad of John Latouche: An American Lyricist’s Life and Work Howard Pollack (author) / 2017 [biography]

Baltringue (Freed) Josza Anjembe (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Band of Outsiders (see Bande à Part)

Bande à Part (Band of Outsiders / The Outsiders) Jean-Luc Godard (screenplay, based on the fiction Fool’s Gold by Doloroes and B. Hitchens), Jean-Luc Godard (director) / 1964 [film]

Banim (Boys) Lior Soroka (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

薔薇の葬列 Bara no sôretsu (Funeral Parade of Roses) Toshio Matsumoto (screenwriter and director) / 1969, USA 1970 [film]

Bare Brandt Miller (screenplay), Sean Devaney (director) / 2012 [short film]

The Barefoot Boy Nell B. Bronson and Robert G. Vignola (screenplay), Robert G. Vignola (director) / 1914 [film]

Barley (see Ječam žela)

Djuna Chappell Barnes (USA) [poetry]

Bashtaalak sa'at (Shall I Compare You to a Summer's Day?) Mohammad Shawky Hassan (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [film]

Battleship Potemkin (see Bronenosets Potyomkin)

Battling Bruisers: Some Boxing Buffonery Adrian Brunel, Edwin Greenwood, and J.O.C. Orton (scenario), Adrian Brunel (director) / 1925 [film]

Bay of Angels (see La Baie des Anges)

Beach Rats Eliza Hittman (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [film]

Beat Beat Beat (see Jetzt Jetzt Jetzt)

Le Beau Serge (Handsome Serge) Claude Chabrol (screenwriter and director) / 1958 [film]

Beautiful Alexander (see Mooie Alexander)

Beautiful Thing Jonathan Harvey (screenplay, based on his drama), Hettie Macdonald (director) / 1996 [film]

Because You're Mine (see À l'orée)

Becket Edward Anhalt (screenplay, based on the stage play by Jean Anouilh), Peter Glenville (director) / 1964 [film]

Bed Buddies Reid Waterer (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Bed of Roses Wanda Tuchock, Gregory LaCava, and Eugene Thackrey (screenplay), Gregory LaCava (director) [film] 

Beggars of Life Jim Tully (screenplay, based on his autobiography, and Maxwell Andersen based on his play, Outside Looking In), William A. Wellman (director) / 1928 [film]

Behind Every Good Woman.... Nick Eliot (Nicholas Ursin) (director)  / c. 1967 [short film]

Behind the Screen Charles Chaplin, Vincent Bryan, and Maverick Terrell (writers), Charles Chaplin (director, with Edward Brewer as technical director) / 1916 [short film]

O Beijo da Mulher Aranha (Kiss of the Spider Woman) Leonard Schrader (screenplay), Héctor Babenco (director) / 1985 [film]

Being 17 (see Quand on a 17 ans)

Le bel indifférent Jean Cocteau (writer, based on his stage play), Jacques Demy (director) / 1958 [short film]

The Bell Boy Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1918 [short film]

Bellboy Steven Chinnery and Blacky Mendez (screenplay), Blacky Mendez (director) / 2014 [short film]

Beloved Shiwei Shen (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Ben-Hur Karl Turnberg (screenplay with Gore Vidal, Maxwell Anderson, S. N. Behrman, and Christopher Fry, based on the novel by Lew Wallace), William Wyler (director) / 1959 [film] 

Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ June Mathis (screenplay, with a scenario by Carey Wilson and titles by Katherine Hilliker and H. H. Caldwell, based on the novel by Lew Wallace) Fred Niblo and, uncredited, Charles Brabin, Christy Cabanne, J. J. Cohn and Rex Ingram (directors) / 1925 [film]

Bennys gym (Benny's Gym) Lisa Marie Gamlem (screenwriter and director) / 2007 [short film]

Bent Martin Sherman (screenplay, based on his play), Sean Mathias (director) / 1997 [film]

Bent Martin Sherman / Los Angeles, Mark Taper Forum / the performance I saw with Howard Fox was the August 23, 2015 [drama]

Berlin-Alexanderplatz Alfred Döblin, Karlheinz Martin, and Hans Wilhelm (screenplay, based on the fiction by Alfred Döblin), Phil Jutzi (director) / 1931 [film]

Berlin Alexanderplatz Rainer Werner Fassbinder (writer, based on a fiction by Alfred Döblin, and director) / 1980  [film / TV series]

Bernie Skip Hollandsworth and Richard Linklater (screenplay), Richard Linklater (director) / 2011, general US distribution 2012 [film]

Bésame (Kiss Me) David Barba (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

The Best Man Heath Daniels (screenplay), Michael Saul (director) / 2013 [short film]

The Best Way to Walk (see La meilleure façon de marcher)

Betty Boop for President Seymour Kneitel, Roland Crandall, and Bernard Wolf (animators), Dave Fleischer (director) / 1932 [animated short film]

Between Here and Now Jannik Splidsboel (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Beverly of Graustark unknown filmmaker (based on the novel by George Barr McCutcheon) / 1914 [film]

Beverly of Graustark Agnes Christine Johnston (scenario, based on the novel by George Barr McCutcheon), Joseph Farnham (titles), Sidney Franklin (director) / 1926 [film] 

Beware of a Holy Whore (see Warnung vor einer heiligen Nutte)

Beyond Repair Chadlee Skrikker (screenwriter and director) / 2018  [short film]

Beyond the Fields (see Passer les Champs)

Beyond the Hills (see După dealuri)

Bez Slov (Without Words) Ivan Shakhnazarov (screenwriter and director) / 2010  [short film]

Бежин луг, Bezhin lug (Bezhin Meadow) Isaak Babel, Sergei Eisenstein, and Aleksandr Rzheshevsky (screenplay, based on a story by Ivan Turgenev), Sergei Eisenstein (director) / 1937 [films]

Bezhin Meadow (see Bezhin lug)

Les Biches (Bad Girls / The Does) | Paul Géguff and Claude Chabrol (screenplay), Claude Chabrol (director) / 1968 [film]

The Big Night ( see La notte brava)

The Big Bad Wolf Art Babbitt (animator), Burt Gillett (director) / 1934 [animated short]

Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray (The Picture of Dorian Gray)  Richard Oswald (screenwriter, based on the fiction by Oscar Wilde, and director) / 1917 [lost film]

Bildnis einer Trinkerin (Ticket of No Return) Ulrike Ottinger (screenwriter and director) / 1979 [film]

Billie Holiday Centennial Concert Joey Arias / Los Angeles, Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) at Disney Hall / November 19, 2015 [performance]

Billy and His Pal William Haddock (director) / 1911 [short film]

Billy Budd Peter Ustinov (screenplay, based on the play by Louis O. Coxe and Robert Chapman, based on an early version of the novel by Herman Melville) Peter Ustinov (director) / 1962 [film]

Billy Budd  E. M. Forster and Eric Crozier (libretto, after Herman Melville’s book), Benjamin Britten (music) / the production I saw was a matinee at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in a production by the LAOpera, March 16, 2014 [opera]

Billy the Kid Edward J. Montagne (screenplay), Laurence Trimble (director) Billy the Kid / 1911 [short film]

Billy Turner’s Secret Michael Mayson (screenwriter and director) / 1990 [short film]

Billy's Blowjobs Michael Hyman (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss Tommy O’Haver (screenwriter and director) / 1998 [film]

Billy's Stratagem George Hennessy (screenplay), D. W. Griffith (director) / 1912 [short film]

Bilog (Circles) Crisaldol Pablo (writer and director) / 2005 [film]

Bird, Bath and Beyond Marie Losier (director) / 2003 [short film]

Bird in Hand Nick Beardslee (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

The Birthday Party Jill Reiter / 1994 [short film]

Birthday Time Lawrence Ferber (screenwriter and director) / 2000 [short film]

The Bitter Half Toby Olson / 2006 [fiction]

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (see Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant)

Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant Rainer Werner Fassbinder / Landestheater Darmstadt at the Frankfurt Experimenta, 1971, translated into English by Denis Calandra, Rainer Werner Fassbinder Plays (New York: PAJ Publications, 1985) [drama]

Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant (The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant) Rainer Werner Fassbinder (screenplay and director) / 1972, USA 1973 [film]

Bittersweet Rainbow – Homecoming Luca Bertossi (screenplay, with revisions by Lorenzo Di Lello, supervised by Emiliano Grisostolo) Luca Bertossi (director) / 2021 [short film]

Black Knuckle and Deputy Maltese Theo Poling (screenplay), Jason Phillips (director) / 2018 [short film]

Black or White (see Schwarz oder Weiss)

Blank Narcissus (Passion of the Swamp) Peter Strickland (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

Blazing Saddles Mel Brooks (screenwriter and director) / 1974 [film]

Blessed Event Howard J. Green (screenplay, based on a play by Manuel Seff and Forrest Wilson), Roy Del Ruth (director) / 1932 [film]

A Blind Cat Black and Orthodoxies Ece Ayhan (Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1997; reprinted Los Angeles: Green Integer, 2005) [poetry]

Bliss Gregory J. Markopoulos (writer and director) / 1966 [short film]

Blissfully Yours สุดเสน่หา (Sud sanaeha) Apichatpong Weerasethakul (screenwriter and director) / 2002 [film]

Blocks (see Blokes)

Blokes (Blocks) Rodrigo Bellott and Marialy Rivas (screenplay, based on a story by Pedro Lemebel), Marialy Rivas (director) / 2010 [short film]

Blonde Cobra Ken Jacobs / 1963 [short film]

Blonde Venus Jules Furthman, S. K. Lauren, and Josef von Sternberg (screenplay), Josef von Sternberg (director) / 1932 [film]

Blood and Sand June Mathis (screenplay, based on the novel by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez and the play by Thomas Cushing, Fred Niblo (director) / 1922  [film]

Blood Money Rowland Brown and Speed Kendall (screenplay, the later uncredited) with Hal Long (continuity), Rowland Brown (director) / 1933 [film]

The Blood of a Poet (see Le Sang d’un poète)

a BLOOM Anthony Rangel Coll (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Blow Job Andy Warhol (conceiver and director) / 1964 [short film]

Blue Derek Jarman (screenwriter and director) / 1993 [film]

Blue Box Blues Michael Brynntrup (director) / 2004 [short film]

Blue Boys (see Meninos Tristes)

Blue Diary Jenni Olson (writer and director) / 1998 [short film]

Blue Moon Emily Ruhl (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Blythely Oratonio in Blythely Ever After John Jarboe and Stephanie Blythe (writers), John Jarboe (director) / 2020 [TV performance]

Der Boden unter den Füßen (The Ground Beneath My Feet) Marie Kreutzer (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [film]

Body without Soul (see Tělo bez duše

Bohemian Rhapsody Anthony McCarten (screenplay based on a story by Anthony McCarten and Peter Morgan), Bryan Singer and Dexter Fletcher (directors) / 2018 [film]

Bølgene (Waves) Frank Mosvold (screenplay, based on the novel by Øyvind Ellenes), Frank Mosvold (director) / 1998 [short film]

Bonhomme Thomas Raoul (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Boogie Nights Paul Thomas Anderson (screenwriter and director) / 1997 [film]

The Book of Mormon Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone (book, music, and lyrics) / July 6, 2011, Los Angeles, The Pantages Theatre [musical theater]

Boot Camp Marco Martinez-Galarce (composer) John Scott Matthews (screenwriter, lyricist, and director) / 1996 [short film]

The Booth Rohin Raveendran (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Borderline Kenneth Macpherson (writer and director) / 1930 [film]

Bossom Buddies (see Le grand sout d’homme)

Boulevard René Barjavel and Julien Duvivier (screenplay), Julien Duvivier (director) / 1960 [film]

Bound Lilly Wachowski and Lana Wachowski / as Larry and Andy Wachowski (screenwriters and directors) / 1996 [film]

Boven is het stil (see The Twin)

Box of Moonlight Don DiCillo (screenwriter and director) / 1996 [film]

Boy Welby Ings (scenario, text, and director) / 2004, 2005 USA [short film]

Boy Cecilie Levy (screenplay), Tami Ravid (director) / 2012 [TV film]

The Boy and the Wind (see O menino e o vento)

Boy Blue Jackson Robinson (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

The Boy Business Nick Davies and Melanie McFadyean (writers), Eamon O'Connor (director) / 1997 [documentary]

The Boy Detective, or the Abductors Foiled Wallace McCutcheon (director) / 1908 [short film]

Boy Meets Boy Daniel Sánchez López and Hannah Renton (screenplay), Daniel Sánchez López (director) / 2021 [film]

A Boy Named Cocoy Piedro de San Paulo (screenwriter and director) / 1992 [short film]

The Boy Next Door Gregor Schmidinger (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [short film]

Boy of Flanders Walter Anthony and Marion Jackson (screenplay, based on the story by Ouida), Victor Schertzinger (director) / 1924 [film]

Boy oh Boy Lou Cheruy Zidi (scenario and director) / 2018 [music video]

The Boy Soldier (see Allons z'enfants)

The Boy Who Couldn't Swim (see Drengen der ikke kunne svømme)

Boy with Cat Donald Richie (director) / 1966 [short film]

Boychick Glenn Gaylord (screenwriter and director) / 2001 [short film]

Boys Eyal Resh (screenwriter and director) / 2016  [short film]

Boys (see Banim)

Boys Grammar Rozlyn Clayton-Vincent (screenplay), Dean Francis (director) / 2005 [short film]

The Boys in the Band Mart Crowley (screenplay, based on his play), William Friedkin (director) / 1970 [film]

The Boys in the Band Ned Martel (screenplay, based on the play by Mart Crowley), Joe Mantello (director) / 2020 [film]

Boys on the Rooftop (see Muchachos en la azotea)

Boys on the Side Don Roos (screenplay), Herbert Ross (director) / 1995 [film]

Brace Jake Graf (screenplay), Alicya Eyo and Sophy Holland (directors) / 2014 [short film]

Bramadero Julián Hernández (screenwriter and director) / 2007 [short film]

The Bravest Girl in the South Gene Gauntier (screenplay), Sidney Olcott (director) / 1910 [short film]

Breakfast? (see Frühstück?)

Breaking Free Sridhar Rangayan and Saagar Gupta (writers), Sridhar Rangayan (director) / 2015 [documentary]

Brennendes Geheimmis (The Burning Secret) Frederick Kohner (screenplay, based on the fiction by Stefan Zweig), Alfred Polgar and Robert Siodmak (dialogue), Robert Siodmak (director) / 1933 [film]

Breath (see Zucht)

The Breath of the Nation Gregory La Cava and Grim Natwick (animators), Gregory La Cava (director) / 1919 [animated cartoon]

Breathe Harm van der Sanden (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

Brewsie and Willie Gertrude Stein (New York: Random House, 1946) [dialogue fiction]

Brewsie and Willie Gertrude Stein, adapted by Marissa Chibas, Erik Ehn, and Travis Preston / performed at the 7th Floor Penthouse (533 S. Los Angeles Street), Los Angeles; the performance I saw was on Saturday, July 24, 2010  [drama]

Bride of Frankenstein William Hurlbut (screenplay, adapted from Hurlbut’s and John L. Balderston’s adaptation of the novel by Mary Shelley), James Whale (director) / 1935 [film]

Bridegroom: A Love Story, Unequaled Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (director, based on the short film by Shane Crone, It Could Happen To You) / 2013 [documentary film]

Bright Lights Frank Roland Conklin (scenario), Walter Graham (director) / 1924 [short film]

Bring ‘Em Back a Wife Del Lord (director) / 1933 [short film]

Bringing up Baby Dudley Nichols and Hagar Wilde (screenplay), Howard Hawks (director)/ 1938 [film]

Bro Peter Michael and Bailie Reichardt (screenwriters), Peter Michael (director) / 2016 [short film]

The Broadway Melody Edmund Goulding (screenplay, with dialogue by Norman Houston and James Gleason, continuity by Sarah Y. Mason), Harry Beaumont (director) / 1929 [film]

Broadway Thru a Keyhole | C. Graham Baker, Gene Towne, and Walter Winchell (screenplay), Lowell Sherman (director) / 1933 [film]

Brokeback Mountain Larry McMurtry and Dana Ossana (screenplay), based on a novella by E. Annie Proulx, Ang Lee (director) / 2005 [film]

Broken Beat Gracie Otto (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [short film]

Broken Embraces (see Los abrazos rotos)

Broken Goddess Peter Dallas (director) / 1973 [short film]

Бронено́сец «Потёмкин» Bronenosets Potyomkin (Battleship Potemkin) Nina Agadzhanova and Sergei Eisenstein (screenplay, with intertitles by Nikolai Aseyev and Sergei Tretyakoy), Sergei Eisenstein (director) / 1925 [film]

Bror (Brother) Isabella Carbonell (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Bros Billy Eichner and Nicholas Stoller (screenplay), Nicholas Stoller (director) / 2022 [film]

Brother (see Bror)

A Brother (see Un frère)

Brotherly Joe Brouillette (screenplay), J. C. Oliva (director) / 2008 [short film]

Brotherly Love (see Bruderliebe

Brothers (see Hermanos)

Brown of Harvard Melvin Ellis, Donald Ogden Stewart, and A.P. Younger (screenplay based on the play Brown of Harvard by Rida Johnson Young), Jack Conway (director) / 1926 [film]

Bruderliebe (Brotherly Love) Marcus Schwenzel (screenwriter and director) / 2009 [short film]

Die Büchse der Pandora (Pandora's Box) G. W. Pabst and Ladislaus Vajda (writers), based on plays by Frank Wedekind, G. W. Pabst (director) / 1929 [film]

Buddy Niels Bourgonje and Edwin Goldman (screenplay), Niels Bourgonje (director) / 2015 [short film]

Bug Chaser Ian Wolfley (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

Build Greg Atkins (screenwriter and director) / 2004 [short film]

Bulldog Drummond Sidney Howard and Wallace Smith (screenplay, adapted from a play by Herman C. McNeile), F. Richard Jones (director) / 1929 [film]

Bumping Heads Brian Sloan (screenwriter and director) / 2002 [short film]

Bumping into Broadway Harold Lloyd and Hal Roach (scenario), H. M. Walker (titles), Hal Roach (director) / 1919 [film]

Bunny’s Dilemma Wilfrid North (director) / 1913 [short film]

Bunny’s Honeymoon Frank Thomas (screenwriter), Wilfrid North (director) [difficult to obtain or lost short film]

Burn Rubber (see Dans la décapotable)

The Burning Boy Kieran Galvin (screenwriter and director) / 2001 [short film]

The Burning Secret (see Brennendes Geheimmis

Burning Soul: The Raising of the Flag Cédric Desenfants (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film] 

Busted Hearts Bobby Burns and Walter Stull (screenwriters and directors) / 1916 [short film]

But I’m a Cheerleader Brian Wayne Peterson (screenplay, based on a story by Jamie Babbit), Jamie Babbit (director) / 1999, USA 2000 [film]

Butch Camp Alessandro De Gaetano (screenwriter and director) / 1996 [film]

The Butcher Boy Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1917 [film]

Butley Simon Gray (screenplay, based on his play), Harold Pinter (director) / 1974 [film]

Bygone (see Abhauen)

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer (writers), Robert Wiene (director) / 1920 [film]

Cadavers Néstor Perlongher (Cardboard House Press, 2018) [poetry]

Cadillac Blues Mazen Khaled (screenwriter and director) / 2002 [short film]

La  caduta degli dei (Die Verdammten) (The Damned) Luchino Visconti, Enrico Medioli, and Nicola Badalucco (screenplay), Luchino Visconti (director) / 1969 [film]

Café com Leite (You, Me and Him) Daniel Ribeiro (writer and director) / 2007 [short film]

Café Perseguido (Chasing Coffee) Juan Sebastián Valencia (screenwriter and director) / 2023 [short film]

La Cage aux Folles Marcello Danon, Édouard Molinaro, Jean Poiret, and Francis Veber (screenplay, based on La Cage aux Folles by Jean Poiret), Édouard Molinaro (director) / 1978 [film]

"John Cage : Perfect Balance || Nothing on a Lecture" Douglas Messerli [personal memories and essays on Carolyn Brown's Chance and Circumstance and Robert Wilson's John Cage's Lecture on Nothing]

Caged (see Uitgesproken)

Le Cake-Walk au Nouveau Cirque Louis Lumière (director) / 1903 [short film collation]

The Cakemaker האופה מברלין Ofir Raul Grazier (screenwriter and director) / 2017, USA 2018 [film]

California Suite Neil Simon (screenplay, based on his stage play), Herbert Ross (director) /1978 [film]

Call Me by Your Maid Richard Rennie (screenplay), Gerald Rascionato (director) / 2018 [short film]

Call Me by Your Name James Ivory (screenplay, based on a fiction by André Aciman), Luca Guadagino (director) / 2017 [film]

Call Your Father Justin Firstman (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Camille June Mathis (scenario, based on the novel La Dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas, fils), Ray C. Smallwood (director) / 1921 [film]

Candy Boy Martin Drouot and Pascal-Alex Vincent (screenplay), Pascal-Alex Vincent (director) / 2007 [animated short film]

Capote Dan Futterman (screenplay) (based on Gerald Clarke’s Capote: A Biography), Bennett Miller (director) / 2005 [film]

Captain of the Bible Quiz Team Tom Jacobson / presented by Rogue Machine Theatre, , Los Angeles, Lutheran Church of the MasterAugust 28, 2016 [drama]

Caravaggio Derek Jarman, Suso Cecchi d'Amico, and Nicholas Ward-Jackson, (screenplay, based on a story by Ward-Jackson), Derek Jarman (director) / 1986 [film]

The Carer Christine Parker (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Carl Van Vechten Photographs: A Selection [art/photography]

Carlos Almaraz: Playing with Fire Elsa Flores Almaraz and Richard Montoya (writers and directors) / 2019 [documentary film]

Carol Phyllis Nagy (screenplay, based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith), Todd Haynes (director) / 2015 [film]

"Cary Grant: Dropping Beads" by Douglas Messerli [essay]

Casablanca Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein, and Howard Koch (screenplay, based on a play Everybody Comes To Rick's by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison), Michael Curtiz (director) / 1942 [film]

Casualty Andrew Abrahams (director) / 1999 [short film]

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Richard Brooks and James Poe (screenplay, based on the play by Tennessee Williams), Richard Brooks (director) / 1958 [film]

Catalina Sam DiGiovanni (screenplay), Tyler Rabinowitz (director) / 2022 [short film]

The Catcher in the Rye (see "Holden, Lolita, and Malcolm: Three Children of the 1950s and Adult Predation")

Cathedral Ronald Chase (director) / 1971 [short film]

Cattle Mutilations Mike and George Kuchar / 1983 [short film]

Caught David C. Jones (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [short film]

Caught Monte Patterson (screenwriter and director) / 2011 [short film]

Caught Looking Paul Hallam (screenwriter), Constantine Giannaris / 1991 [short film]

C[onstantine] P. Cavafy (Greece) [poetry]

Cavalcade Reginald Berkeley (screenplay, with Sonya Levien, continuity, based on the play by Noël Coward), Frank Lloyd (director)  / 1933 [film]

A Cave Man Wooing B. M. Connors (screenplay), Otis Turner (director) / 1912 [short film]

Celebration of our (Douglas Messerli and Howard N. Fox) 30th Anniversary by the Modern and Contemporary Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, February 6, 2000 [social event]

Luis Cernuda (y Bidon) (Spain) [poetry]

Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train (Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train) Danièle Thompson, Patrice Chéreau, and Pierre Trividic (screenplay) Patrice Chéreau (director) / 1998 [film]

Champagne Alfred Hitchcock and Eliot Stannard (screenplay, based on a story by Walter C. Mycroft), Alfred Hitchcock (director) / 1928 [film]

Champion Michael Cristofer (libretto), Terence Blanchard (composer), Gary Halvorson (live HD director), James Robinson (stage production director) / 2023 [HD-live opera]

Chance Pablo Brandao and Jake Graf (screenplay), Jake Graf (director) / 2015 [short film]

Un chant d’amour Jean Genet (writer and director) / 1950 [film]

Charley's Aunt Joseph Farnham and F. McGrew Willis (screenplay, based on the stage play by Brandon Thomas), Scott Sidney (director) / 1925 [film]

Charley’s Aunt F. McGrew Willis (screenplay, based on the play by Brandon Thomas), Al Christie (director) / 1930 [film]

The Chaser Robert Eddy, Clarence Hennecke, and Harry McCoy (scenario based on a story by Arthur Ripley), Harry Langdon (director) / 1928 [film]

Chasin' Ben Chuah (screenplay), Lee Matthews (director) / 2021 [short film]

Chasing Amy Kevin Smith (screenwriter and director) / 1997 [film]

Chasing Coffee (see Café Perseguido)

Chasing Rainbows Wells Root (screenplay, with dialogue and additional scenes by Bess Meredyth, Al Boasberg, Kenyon Nicholson, and Charles Reisner [based on the story “Road Show” by Robert Hopkins and Bess Meredyth]), Charles Reisner (director) / 1930 [film]

Chasing the Chaser Stan Laurel, James Parrot, and Rob Wagner (screenplay), Stan Laurel (director) / 1925 [short film]

Au Château d'Argol  (The Castle of Argol) / 1938, 1951 (English translation) [fiction]

The Cheaters aka Youthful Sinners (see Les Tricheurs)

Cherrywood Charles Hall (screenplay), Delfino Hernandez (director) / 2020 [short film]

Chicago Lenore J. Coffee (screenplay, based on the stage play by Maurine Dallas Watkins), Frank Urson (director) / 1929 [film]

Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys Adi Sideman and Nadav Harel (writers), Adi Sideman (director) / 1994 [documentary]

Chickens in Turkey Marcel Perez (screenwriter and director) / 1919 [short film]

Chicks in White Satin Elaine Holliman (director) / 1993 [short documentary]

Un chien Andalou Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel (scenario), Luis Buñuel (director) / 1929 [film]

Children Terence Davies (screenwriter and director) / 1976 [short film]

Children of Hannibal (see Figli di Annibale)

The Children’s Hour John Michael Hayes (screenplay, based on the play by Lillian Hellman), William Wyler (director) / 1961 [film]

Chinesisches Roulette (Chinese Roulette) Rainer Werner Fassbinder (writer and director) / 1976, West Germany and USA 1977 [film]

Chlorine (see Cloro)

The Choir Invisible Marianne Hauser (New York: McDowell, Obolensky, 1958) [fiction]

Chris & Don. A Love Story Tina Mascara and Guido Santi (directors) / 2007 [documentary film]

Chrissy Judy Todd Flaherty (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [film]

Christmas Coming Out Armand Petri (screenplay), Art Arutyunyan (director) / 2021 [short film]

The Christmas Setup Michael J. Murray (screenplay), Pat Mills (director) / 2020 [TV film]

Christmas, USA Gregory J. Markopoulos (director) / 1949 [short film]

Christopher Strong Zoë Akins (screenplay, based on the novel by Gilbert Frankau), Dorothy Arzner (director) / 1933 [film]

Chuck & Buck Mike White (screenplay), Miguel Arteta (director) / 2000 [film]

A Chump at Oxford Charley Rogers, Felix Adler, and Harry Langdon (screenplay), Arthur J. Goulding (director) / 1939, released 1940 [film]

La Chute de la maison Usher (The Fall of the House of Usher) Jean Epstein (screenwriter and director, based on the story by Edgar Allen Poe) / 1928 [film]

The Circle (see Der Kreis)

Circles (see Bilog)

Circus of Books Rachel Mason (director) / 2020 [documentary film]

City Girl Marion Orth and Berthold Viertel (based on the play “The Mud Turtle,” by Elliott Lester), F. W. Murnau (director) / 1930 [film]

City Lights Charles Chaplin (screenwriter and director) / 1931 [film]

City of Night John Rechy / 1963 [fiction]

Clay Farmers Michael Moore (screenplay), A. P. Gonzalez (director) / 1988 [short film]

The Clever Mrs. Carfax Gardner Hunting (screenplay, based on a story by Hector Turnbull), Donald Crisp (director) / 1917 [lost film]

Clifford’s Blues John A. Williams / 1999 [fiction / personal memory]

The Clinging Vine Jack Jevne and Rex Taylor (screenplay, titles by John W. Krafft, adapted from the play by Zelda Sears), Paul Sloane / 1926 [film]

Cloro (Chlorine) Matheus Marcucci (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Close Lukas Dhont and Angelo Tijssens (screenplay), Lukas Dhont (director) / 2022 [film]

Closet Ewan Morrison (screenwriter and director) / 1994 [short film]

Closet Case Wrik Mead (writer and director) / 1995 [short film]

Clouds Avery Willard (screenwriter and director) / 1971 [short film]

Club des femmes Jacques Deval (screenwriter and director) / 1936 [film]

Clubbing Luiz De Barros (screenwriter and director) / 1994 [short film]

Clubs Are Trump H. M. Walker (titles and scenario), Hal Roach (director) / 1917 [short film]

Coffee Todd Bartoo (screenwriter and director) / 2004 [short film]

Cognitio Rebecca Emcken (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Cold Hands Eric Bizzarri (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

Cold Feet Tim Blane (screenplay), Jordan Rennick (director) / 2016 [short film]

The Collected Poems of Marsden Hartley Marsden Hartley / 1987 [poetry]

The Collected Short Fiction Marianne Hauser (Normal, Illinois/Tallahassee, Florida: Fiction Collective 2, 2004) [short fiction]

The Collection Harold Pinter (screenplay, based on his stage drama), Michael Apted (director) / 1976 [TV movie]

The Collegians: Flashing Oars Carl Laemmle Jr. (story), Gardner Bradford (titles), and Pierre Couderic, Phil Dunham, Gorge H. Plympton and Rob Wagner, screenplays), Wesley Ruggles (director) / 1927 [short film]

The Collegians: The Relay Carl Laemmle Jr. (story), Gardner Bradford (titles), and Pierre Couderic, Phil Dunham, Gorge H. Plympton and Rob Wagner, screenplays), Wesley Ruggles (director) / 1927 [short film]

The Collegians: Running Wild Carl Laemmle Jr. (story), Gardner Bradford (titles), and Pierre Couderic, Phil Dunham, Gorge H. Plympton and Rob Wagner, screenplays), Wesley Ruggles (director) / 1927 [short film]

El Colonel no tiene quein le escriba (No One Writes to the ColonelPaz Alicia Garciadiego (screenplay based on the novella by Gabriel García Márquez), Arturo Ripstein (director) / 1999 [film]

Colonel Redl (see Oberst Redl)

Colorful Picture (see Kolorowy Obrazek)

The Colour of His Hair Sam Ashby (screenplay and director) / 2018 [film]

La commare secca (The Grim Reaper) Bernardo Bertolucci and Sergio Citti (screenplay, based on a story by Pier Paolo Pasolini), Bernardo Bertolucci (director) / 1962 [film]

Come Clean Johnny B. Dunn (screenplay), Ty Sanga (director) / 2008 [short film]

Come Clean Sal Bardo (screenwriter and director) / 2023 [short film]

Come Dancing Bill Douglas (writer and director) / 1976 [short film]

Come non detto (Tell No One) Roberto Proia (screenplay), Ivan Silvestrini (director) / 2012 [film]

A Comedy in Six Unnatural Acts Jan Oxenberg (writer and director) / 1975 [short film]

The Comfort of Strangers Harold Pinter (screenplay, based on Ian McEwan’s The Comfort of Strangers), Paul Schrader (director) / 1990 [film]

Coming In Pablo Vázquez Argüello and Francisco Terán (screenwriters), Pablo Vázquez Argüello (director) / 2021 [short film]

Coming of Age Doug Tompos (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Coming Out with the Help of a Time Machine Naman Gupta and Jani Parekh (screenplay), Naman Gupta (director) / 2021 [short film]

Coming To Nick Roth, Lindsey Haun, and Tony De Marco (screenplay), Lindsey Haun (director) / 2015 [short film]

Company George Furth (book), Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics), Lonny Price (director) / 2008 [TV musical theater production]

Company George Furth (book), Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics), Lonny Price (director) / 2011 [film of stage production]

The Company Barbara Turner (screenplay, based on a story by Turner and Neve Campbell), Robert Altman (director) / 2003 [film]

Le Comte Ory Eugène Scribe and Charles Gaspared Delestre-Poirson (screenplay, based on their play), Gioachino Rossini (composer), Bartlett Sher (stage director), Gary Halvorson (director) / 2011 [HD opera broadcast]

Condition Humaine (Human Condition) Théo Lemouzy (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Coney Island Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1917 [film]

The Confessions of a Male Prostitute Brian Scott [Mednick] (writer and director) / 1992 [short film]

Conflitos (Conflicts) Rafael Jardim (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Il conformista (The Conformist) Bernardo Bertolucci (screenplay, based on a novel by Alberto Moravia, and director) / 1970 [film]

Connected Nathan Brunskill (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [short film]

The Consequence (see Die Konsequenz)

The Consequences of Feminism (see Les résultats du féminisme)

The Cook Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1918 [short film]

The Cookie Carnival Pinto Colvig, William Cottrell, and Ted Sears (writers), Ben Sharpsteen (director) / 1935 [animated short film]

Coronet at Night Stanley Jackson (screenplay, based on a story by Sinclair Ross, and director) / 1963 [short film]

The Count of Monte Cristo Philip Dunne, Rowland V. Lee, and Dan Totheroh (screenplay), Rowland V. Lee (director) / 1934 [film]

Countee Cullen (USA) [poetry]

The Countess Charming Gardner Hunting (screenplay, based on a story by Gelett Burgess and Carolyn Wells), Donald Crisp (director) / 1917 [lost film]

A Country Cupid D. W. Griffith (screenplay and director) / 1911 [short film]

Country People David Bobrow (screenwriter, adapted from the short story by Richard Hall, and director) / 2016 [short film]

Les Cousins (The Cousins) Paul Gégauff (screenplay, based on a story by Claude Chabrol), Claude Chabrol (director) / 1959 [film]

Cousins of Sherlocko Alice Guy Blaché (writer and director) / 1913 [short film]

Cowboy Till Kleinert (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [short film]

Cowboy, Choker, Harness & Heart Nicolás Blanco and Thomas Kivney (screenplay), Nicolás Blanco and Julia Ponce Díaz (directors) / 2023 [short film]

Cowboy Forever Jean Baptiste Erreca (screenwriter and director) / 2006 [docu-drama]

Cowboy Wash Up Bruce Bellas (Bruce of Los Angeles) (director) / 1965 [short film]

Cowboys Anna Kerrigan (writer and director) / 2020 [film]

Craig's Wife Mary C. McCall, Jr. (screenplay, based on the stage play by George Kelly), Dorothy Arzner (director) / 1936 [film]

Crashing Waves Emma Gilbertson (writer and director), Joshua Hubbard (choreographer) / 2018 [short film]

Creation (Pictures for Dorian)  Gob Squad / performing at Los Angeles, REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theater), October 18, 2018 [performance]

Crooner Charles Kenyon (screenplay, based on a story by Rian James), Lloyd Bacon (director) / 1932 [film]

Crossfire John Paxton (screenplay, based on a novel by Richard Brooks), Edward Dmytryk (director) / 1947 [film]

Robert Crosson (USA) [poetry]

Crossroads Katie Smith (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Cruise Control Lawrence Ferber (screenwriter and director) / 2001 [short film]

Cruisers Leland Montgomery (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

The Crying Game Neil Jordon (screenplay and director) / 1992 [film]

The Crystal Cup Gerald C. Duffy (screenplay, based on a novel by Gertrude Atherton), Mort Blumenstock (titles), John Francis Dillon / 1927 [lost film]

La cuarta cita (The Fourth Date) Roberto Pérez Toledo (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Cuarto rosa (Pink Room) Abraham Pizaña (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Cupid  Wrik Mead / 1998 [short film]

Cupid and the Comet Alice Guy Blaché (writer and director) / 1911 [short film / difficult to obtain]

Cupido in Love Roberto Pérez Toledo (screenwriter and director) / 2014 [short film]

The Cure Vincent Bryan, Charles Chaplin, and Maverick Terrell (screenwriters), Charles Chaplin (director) / 1917 [short film]

The Curse of the Un-Kissable Kid Mark Marchillo (screenwriter, based on a story by him and Matt Marr, and director) / 2013 [short film]

Czy Lucyna to dziewczyna? (Is Lucyna a Girl?)  Juliusz Gardan, Mieczyslaw Krawicz, and Konrad Tom (screenplay), Juliusz Gardan (director) / 1934 [film]

Daddy Christian Coppola (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

The Dadshuttle Tom Donaghy (screenwriter, based on his play, and director) / 1994, 1996 general release [short film]

Dallas Buyers Club Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack (screenplay, based on a newspaper article by Bill Minutaglio), Jean-Marc Vallée (director) / 2013 [film]

The Damned (see La caduta degli dei (Die Verdammten

Dances Through the Ages (see Skilda tiders danser)

Dancing Around Dan Fry (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

Dancing Lady Allen Rivkin and P. J. Wolfson (screenplay, with additional material by Robert Benchley and Zelda Sears, based on the novel by James Warner Bellah), Robert Z. Leonard (director) / 1933 [film]

The Danger Girl Clarence G. Badger (director) / 1916 [film]

Dániel Dean Loxton (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

The Danish Girl Lucinda Coxon (screenplay, based on the novel by David Ebershoff), Tom Hooper (director) / 2015 [film]

Dans la décapotable (Burn Rubber) Jean-Philippe Clarac and Olivier-Daniel Deloeuil (scenario), Merzak Allouache (director) / 1996 [short film]

Dans les yeux (In the Eyes) François Peyroux and Rémi Bigot (screenplay), Rémi Bigot (director) / 2014 [short film]

Dansité Jean-Paul Dupuis (director), François Verret (choreography) / 1978 [dance film]

Dare David Brind (screenplay), Adam Salky (director) / 2005 [short film]

Dare Germain Choffart (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

The Dare Project David Brind (screenplay), Adam Salky (director) / 2018 [short film]

Dark Dominion Marianne Hauser (New York: Random House, 1947) [fiction]

The Dark Side of Tomorrow a.k.a Just the Two of Us Jack Deerson, David Novik, and Barbara Peeters (screenplay), Barbara Peeters and Jack Deerson (directors) / 1970, 1975 [film]

Dashing in December Jake Helgren (writer and director) / 2020 [TV film]

The Date Christopher Birk (screenplay), Dani Prados (director) [short film]

Date with Diego (see  Rendez-vous avec Diego)

The Daughter of Dr. Jekyll Jack Pollexfen (screenplay), Edgar G. Ulmer (director) / 1957 [film]

David Roberto Fiesco, Julián Hernández, and Luis Martín Ulloa (writers), Roberto Fiesco (director) / 2005 [short film]

The David Dance Don Scimé (screenplay, based on his stage play), Aprill Winney (director) / 2014 [film]

Davy and Stu Anton Dudley (Screenwriter, based on his play), Soman Chainani (director) / 2006 [short film]

The Day Began Yesterday (see El Día comenzó ayer)

Day for Night (see La Nuit américaine)

The Day the Fish Came Out (see Otan ta psaria vgikan sti steria)

A Day with the Boys Clu Gulager (screenwriter and director) / 1969 [film]

Days (see Rizi

Days of Desperation James Wentzy (director and editor) / 1994 [documentary film]

The Dead Boys' Club Mark Christopher (screenwriter and director) / 1992 [short film]

Dead Horizons (see Les horizons mort

Deaf Heaven Douglas Shurtleff Cole (screenplay), Steve Levitt (director) / 1993 [short film]

Dear Dad Tanuj Bhrama (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [film]

先愛上他的 (Dear Ex) Mag Hsu, Shih-yuan Lu (writers), Chih-Yen Hsu and Mag Hsu (directors) / 2018 [film]

Dear Friend Sophie Boyce (screenwriter and director, assisted by George Fox) / 2011 [short film]

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson David France and Mark Blane (writers), David France (director) / 2017 [documentary film]

Death and Transfiguration Terence Davies (screenwriter and director) / 1983 [short film]

Death in Venice (see Morte a Venezia)

Death in Venice, CA P. David Ebersole (screenwriter and director) / 1994 [short film]

The Death Kiss Gordon Kahn and Barry Barringer (screenplay, based on a story by Madelon St. Dennis), Edwin L. Marin (director) / 1932 [film]

Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes (see Vendrá la Muerte y Tendrá Tus Ojos)

Le Déclin de l'empire américain (The Decline of American Empire) Denys Arcand (screenwriter and director) / 1986 [film]

The Decline of American Empire (see Le Déclin de l'empire américain)

George Deem (see Random Encounters with George Deems)

The Deep End Scott McGehee and David Siegel, based on the novel by Elizabeth Sanxay and the film by Max Ophuls, The Reckless Moment),  Scott McGehee and David Siegel (directors) / 2001 [film]

Deer Boy Katarzyna Gondek (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

The Definition of Lonely Leon Lopez (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Dejá que fluya (Let It Flow) Luis Fernando Midence (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

外賣仔 Delivery Boy Hugo Kenzo Hirosawa (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

De-Lovely Jay Cocks (screenplay), Irvin Winkler (director) / 2004 [film]

Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (The Young Girls of Rochefort) Jacques Demy (writer, lyricist, and director), Michel Legrand (composer) / 1967 [film]

Les démons de Dorothy (The Demons of Dorothy) Carlotta Coco and Alexis Langlois (screenplay), Alexis Langlois (director) / 2021 [short film]

Le depart d’Arlequin et de Pierrette (Le Fredaines de Pierrette) (Pierrette’s Escapades) Alice Guy(-Blaché) (director) / 1900 [short film]

The Deputy (see El diputado)

La dérade (The Drift) Pascal Latil (screenplay and director) / 2011 [short film]

Desert Fury Robert Rossen and A. I. Bezzerides (uncredited) (screenplay, based on a novel by Ramona Stewart), Lewis Allen (director) / 1947 [film]

The Desert Song Harvey Gates (screenplay, based on the musical by Otto A. Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II, nad Frank Mandel with music by Sigmund Romberg), Roy Del Ruth (director) / 1929 [film]

Deseo (Wish) Axel Barranco (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

André De Shields (see A Night with André De Shields)

Design for Living Ben Hecht (screenplay, based on the play by Noel Coward), Ernst Lubitsch (director) / 1933 [film]

Desire (see Het Verlangen)

El despertar (The Awakening) Juan Pablo Gelvez Bustamante (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Deux (Two) | Werner Schroeter and Cédric Anger (screenwriters), Werner Schroeter (director) / 2002 [film]

The Devine Mr. Crisp Quentin Crisp (performer), Neil Ira Needleman (director) / 1994 [short film]

El Día comenzó ayer (The Day Began Yesterday) Ulises Pérez Mancilla and Julián Hernández (screenplay, based on a work by Saúl Sánchez Lovera), Julián Hernández (director) / 2020 [short film]

Diamantino Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt (screenwriters and directors) / 2018 [film]

Diana, the Huntress Charles W. Allen and Francis Trevelyan Miller (directors) / 1916 [short film]

Diary of a Lost Girl (see Tagebuch einer Verlorenen)

Diary of a Shinjuku Thief (see 新宿泥棒日記 Shinjuku dorobō nikki)

Dick Turpin Charles Darnton and Donald W. Lee (scenario and screenplay, based on a story by Charles Kenyon), John G. Blystone (director) / 1925 [film]

The Dickson Experimental Sound Film William Kennedy Dickson (director) / 1894 or 1895 [short film]

Different Zachary De Gregorio (screenplay), Tyrrell Shaffner (director) / 2004 [short film]

Different from the Others (see Anders als die Andern)

Different from You and Me (see Anders als du und ich (§175))

Different Women (see Andere Frauen)

Diffidence Jerry Tai (screenwriter and director) / 2010 [short film]

Dilating for Maximum Results Nyala Moon (screenwriter and director) / 2023 [short film]

Dinero fácil (Easy Money) Carlos Montero (screenwriter and director) / 2010 [short film]

Dinky Doodle in Lost and Found Walter Lantz (writer and director) / 1926 [animated cartoon]

Dinner (see Mahlgeit)

Dinner at the Ritz Roland Pertwee and Romney Brent (screenplay), Harold D. Schuster (director) / 1937 [film]

A Dinner Party with John Ashbery, April 12, 2001 [personal memory]

Dinner with Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy. Los Angeles / c. 1986 [personal memory]

Dino at the Beach Josh Cox (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

Dionysius Charles Boultenhouse (screenwriter and director) / 1964 [short film]

Diplomaniacs Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Henry Myers (screenplay), William A. Seiter (director) / 1933 [film]

El diputado (The Deputy) Eloy de la Iglesia and Gonzalo Goicoechea (screenplay, based on a story by them), Eloy de la Iglesia (director) / 1978 [film]

The Dirt Between My Fingers Joshua Chislett (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Dirty Matthew Puccini (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Disclosure Bill Mullan (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

Disclosure | Sam Feder (director) / 2020 [documentary film]

Discretion Tommy Garcia (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

“A Discussion with Murat Nemet-Nejat on His Translation of Ece Ayhan’s A Blind Cat Black and Orthodoxies,” “Turkish Poetry Convo” organized by İpek Sahinler and the University of Texas Austin Comparative Literature and Middle Eastern Studies, February 17, 2022 [interview and discussion]

The Distance Between Us and the Sky (see I apostasi anamesa ston ourano ki emas)

Dizzy Red Riding Hood Grim Natwick (director of animation), Dave Fleischer (director) / 1931 [animated movie]

Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot! (see Se sei vivo spara)

Do Paise Ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane Ki Baarish Deepti Naval (writer and director) / 2009 [film]

Do We Really Have to Say Goodbye? J. T. Seaton (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

The Docks of New York Jules Furthman (screenwriter, based on The Dock Walloper by John Monk Saunders), Josef von Sternberg (director) / 1928 [film]

Docteur Jekyll et les femmes (The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne), aka Bloodbath of Dr. Jekyll Walerian Borowczyk (screenplay and director, based on “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” by Robert Louis Stevenson) / 1981 [film]

Dr. Chris Teen Sex Surrogate Rick Castro / 1994  [short film] 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde George F. Fish and Luella Forepaugh (screenplay, adapted from their stage drama and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), Otis Turner, presumed director / 1908 [film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Thomas Sullivan (screenplay based on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson), Lucius Henderson (director) / 1912 [film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Clara Beranger (screenplay and intertitles, based on the play by Thomas Russell Sullivan and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson), John S. Robertson (director) / 1920 [film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Percy Heath (screenplay, based on Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), Rouben Mamoulian (director) / 1931 [film] 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde John Lee Mahin, Percy Heath, and Samuel Hoffenstein (based on the fiction by Robert Louis Stevenson), Victor Fleming (director) / 1941 [film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Gore Vidal (teleplay, adapted from the fiction by Robert Louis Stevenson), Allen Reisner (director) / 1955 [TV film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse Joseph Barbara and William Hanna (writers and directors) / 1947 [cartoon film]

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde Brian Clemens (screenplay, based on the story by Robert Louis Stevenson), Roy Ward Baker (director) / 1971 [film]

Dr. Jerkyl’s Hide Warren Foster (writer), Friz Freleng (director) / 1954 [cartoon film]

Dr. Mabuse, Der große Spieler: Ein Bild der Zeit (The Great Gambler: A Picture of the Time) || Dr. Mabuse, Inferno: Ein Spiel von Menschen unserer Zeit  (Inferno: A Game for the People of our Age) Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou (screenplay, based on the fiction by Norbert Jacques), Fritz Lang (director) / 1922 [films]

The Doctor’s Horrible Experiment (see Le Testament du docteur Cordelier)

Dog Day Afternoon Frank Pierson (screenplay, based on an article by P. F. Kluge and Thomas Moore), Sidney Lumet (director) / 1975 [film]

Dois Homens ao Mar (Two Men by the Sea) Gabriel Motta (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

The Doll (Die Puppe)

Dollars and Sense Walter Wright (screenwriter and director) / 1916 [short film]

Dolor y Gloria (Pain and Glory) Pedro Almodóvar (writer and director) / 2019 [film]

Don Carlo Joseph Méry and Camille du Locle (libretto, based on Friedrich Schiller's Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien), Giuseppe Verdi (music), Nicholas Hytner (stage director), Gary Halvorson (director) / 2010 [HD-live opera]

Doña Herlinda y su Hijo (Doña Herlinda and her Son) Jaime Humberto Hermosillo (screenwriter, based on the fiction by Jorge Lopez Paez, and director) / 1986 [film]

Doña Juana Béla Balázs (screenplay, based on Don Gil of the Green Breeches by Tirso de Molina), Paul Czinner (director) Doña Juana / 1927 [film]

Donne-moi la main (Give Me Your Hand) Pascal-Alex Vincent (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [film]

Don't Run, Johnny Tom E. Brown (screenwriter and director) / 1997 [short film]

Don't Tell Everything Hal Roach (writer), Leo McCarey (director) / 1927 [film]

Don’t Tell the Boys Caitlyn Murray (screenplay), Sam Roy (director) / 2022 [short film]

Doorman Etienne Kallos and Diana Fithian (screenplay, based on a story by Diana Fithian), Etienne Kallos,  director) / 2006 [short film]

Doors Cut Down (see En malas compañías

Dorian Gray im Spiegel der Boulevardpresse (Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellow Press) Ulrike Ottinger (screenplay and director) / 1984 [film]

Dorian Grays Portræt (The Picture of Dorian Gray) Axel Strøm (writer, based on the fiction by Oscar Wilde, and director) / 1910 [lost film]

Dottie Gets Spanked Todd Haynes (writer and director) / 1993 [short film]

Double Exposure Peter de Rome (director) / 1969 [short film]

Double Harness Jane Murfin (screenplay, based on a play by Edward Poor Montgomery), John Cromwell (director) / 1933 [film]

À double tour (Leda) Claude Chabrol (dialogue), Paul Gégauff (writer) (based on a novel by Stanley Ellin), Claude Chabrol (director) / 1959 [film]

Doughboys Al Boasberg (screenplay based on a scenario Richard Schayer and a story by Boasberg and Sidney Lazarus), Edward Sedgwick (director) / 1930 [film]

Douglas Hannah Gadsby (writer and performer) / 2020 [comedy / performance]

Downton Abbey: A New Era Julian Fellowes (screenplay, based on the TV series by Fellowes), Simon Curtis (director) / 2022 [film]

Dracula Garrett Fort (screenplay, based on the book by Bram Stoker and the play by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston), Tod Browning (director) / 1931 [film]

Drácula Baltasar Fernández Cué (Spanish language translation of screenplay by Garrett Fort, based on the fiction by Bram Stoker and the play by John L. Balderston and Hamilton Deane), George Melford (director) / 1931 [film]

Dracula’s Daughter Garrett Fort (screenplay, based on a story by John L. Balderston, itself based on Bram Stoker “Dracula’s Guest”; suggested by Oliver Jeffries [David O. Selznick], with contributions by Charles Belden, Finley Peter Dunne, Kurt Neumann, and R. C. Sherriff), Lambert Hillyer (director) / 1936 [film]

Dream A40 Lloyd Reckord (writer and director) / 1965  [short film]

Dream Boy James Bolton (screenplay, based on the fiction by Jim Grimsley, and director) / 2018 [film]

The Dream Lady Fred Myton (scenario and titles, based on a novel by Margaret Widdemer), Elsie Jane Wilson (director) / 1918 [film]

Drengen der ikke kunne svømme (The Boy Who Couldn't Swim) Anders Helde (screenwriter and director) / 2011 [short film]

Dress Up Karina Dandashi (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

The Drift (see La dérade)

Drifting Tod Browning and A. P. Younger (screenplay, based on the play by John Colton), Tod Browning (director) / 1923 [film]

Die Dritte Generation (The Third Generation) Rainer Werner Fassbinder (screenwriter and director) / 1979 [film]

Dragen (The Kite) Lasse Nielsen (writer and director) / 2015 [short film]

Drowning Craig Boreham (screenwriter and director) / 2009 [short film]

The Drunken Mattress (see Le Matela alcolique)

Du er ikke alene (You Are Not Alone) | Lasse Nielsen and Bent Petersen (screenplay), Lasse Nielsen and Ernst Johansen (directors) / 1978 [film]

Duck Soup Fred Guiol / 1927 [short film]

Duck Soup Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby (scenario and music and lyrics), Arthur Sheekman and Nat Perrin (additional dialogue), Leo McCarey (director) / 1933 [film]

The Dude Wrangler Robert N. Lee (screenplay based on the novel by Caroline Lockhart, Richard Thorpe (director) / 1930 [lost film]

Dudes Noan Ribeiro (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Le Duel d'Hamlet Clément Maurice (director, scene based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet) / 1900 [short film]

După dealuri (Beyond the Hills) Cristian Mungiu (screenplay and director), based on books by Tatiana Niculescu Bran) / 2012 [film]

Dustin Naïla Guiguet (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Dylan Dylan Sylvain Coisne (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

E aí, partiu? (So Then He Left?) Victor Luvi (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short telefilm]

E vissero Aldo Verde (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Early Adventures Matthew Bourne (choreographer) / Beverly Hill's Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, May 20, 2017 [dance]

Easy Robert Guthrie (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Easy Living Preston Sturges (screenplay, based on a story by Vera Caspary), Mitchell Leisen (director) / 1937 [film]

Easy Money (see Dinero fácil)

Eaux d’Artifice Kenneth Anger (director) / 1953 [film]

The Eccentricities of a Nightingale Tennessee Williams (screenplay, based on his rewrite of Summer and Smoke), Glenn Jordan (director) / 1976 [TV movie]

Ecco Homo Jerry Tartaglia (director) / 1969 [short film]

L'École de la chair (The School of Flesh) Jacques Fieschi (screenplay, based on a fiction by Yukio Mishima), Benoît Jacquot (director) / 1998 [film]

Eclipse de Soleil en pleine Lune (Eclipse: Courtship of the Sun and Moon) Georges Méliès (writer and director) / 1907 [short film]

Ed Wood Scott Alexander and Laarry Karaszewski (screenplay, based on material in Nightmare of Ecstasy by Rudolph Grey), Tim Burton (director) / 1994 [film]

Edge of Seventeen David Moreton and Todd Stephens (screenplay), David Moreton (director) / 1998 [film]

Edward II Ken Butler, Derek Jarman, and Stephen McBride (screenplay, based on the play by Christopher Marlowe), Derek Jarman (director) / 1991 [film]

En eftermiddag (An Afternoon) Tomas Lagermand Lundme and Søren Green (screenplay), Søren Green (director) / 2014  [short film]

Egúngún (Masquerade) Olive Nwosu (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Egyptian Melodies Albert Hurter, Harry Reeves, Ben Sharpsteen, Cecil Surry, Rudy Zamora, and David Hand (animators), Wilfred Jackson (director) / 1931 [animated movie]

813 Scott Darling (screenplay, based on a story by Maurice Leblanc), Charles Christie and Scott Sidney (directors) / 1920 [lost film]

Eisenstein in Guanajuato Peter Greenaway (screenwriter and director) / 2015, USA limited release 2016 [film]

Eitr Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller (screenwriter and director) / 2023 [short film]

Kenward Elmslie Slipping Again || The Ballad of John Latouche: An American Lyricist’s Life and Work Howard Pollack / (New York: Oxford University Press, 2017)  [memoir and review]

Em Nome do Pai (In the Name of the Father) Júlio Maria Pessoa (screenwriter and director) / 2002 [short film]

Embodiment Maria Giulia Mancuso Prizzitano and Edwige Pezzulli (screenwriters and directors) / 2018 [short documentary]

The Emperor Jones DuBose Heyward (screenplay, based on the play by Eugene O’Neill), Dudley Murphy (director) / 1933 [film]

An Empty Bed Mark Gasper (screenwriter and director) / 1988 [film]

Empty Nest Vince Ha and Mezart Daulet (screenplay), Vince Ha (director) / 2014 [short film]

En compagnie de la poussière (With the Dust) Jacques Molitor and Xavier Seron (screenplay), Jacques Molitor (director) / 2008 [short film]

En el mismo Equipo (On the Same Team) Bonzo Villegas and Carlos Vilaró Nadal (screenwriters and directors) / 2014 [short film]

En el WC (Nel WC) (Restroom) Claudio Bonelli (screenwriter and director) / 2006 [short film]

En la Azotea (On the Roof) Miguel Casanova and Danilà Serra Couchetiez (writers), Danilà Serra Couchetiez (director) / 2015 [short film]

Enceinte ou lesbienne? (Pregnant or Lesbian) Françoise Decaux-Thomelet (screenwriter, based on a scenario by Pierre Guiho) Françoise Decaux-Thomelet (director)  / 1996 [film]

Encounter, or Paul & Richard & Michael & David & Alan & Buddy & Hugo & Tom & Terry & Peter & Richard & Carlos Peter de Rome (director) / 1970 [short film]

The End of My World (see Mój koniec swiata)

Les Enfants terribles Jean-Pierre Melville and Jean Cocteau (screenplay based on Jean Cocteau’s fiction), Jean-Pierre Melville (director) / 1950 [film]

Entertaining Mr. Sloane Clive Exton (screenplay), Douglas Hickox (director) / 1970 [film]

Enviar y Recibir Cosmo Salovaara (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Ephemeron Chadlee Skrikker (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

Équation à un inconnu (Equation to an Unknown) Francis Savel (as Dietrich de Velsa) (writer and director) / 1980 [film]

Ernesto Barbara Alberti, Amadeo Paganini, and Salvatore Samperi (screenplay, based on the fiction by Umberto Saba), Salvatore Samperi (director) / 1979, USA 1983 [film]

Eros Erosion Anna Thew (director) / 1990 [short film]

Errou, Apaga (Fail, Delete) Verônica Villa and Fábio Seixo (screenplay), Fábio Seixo (director) / 2018 [short film]

Escapade Gijs Blom and Robin Boissevain (screenplay), Gijs Blom (director) / 2014 [short film]

Et alors? François Dupeyron and Catherine Locandro (screenwriters), François Dupeyron (director) / 1996 [short film]

Été Gregory Oke (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

Été 85 (Summer of 85) François Ozon (screenwriter and director)/ 2020 [film]

Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (I Don't Want to Go Back Alone) Daniel Ribeiro (screenwriter and director) / 2010 [short film]

Eureka! David J. Fulde (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Gus Van Sant (screenwriter, based on the novel by Tom Robbins, and director) / 1993 [film]

An Evening (see En Aften)

Evening Shadows Sridhar Rangayan and Saagar Gupta (screenplay), Sridhar Rangayan (director) / 2018, 2019 [film]

Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure | “E. Hardon” (director) / c. 1929 [animated cartoon]

Eve’s Leaves Elmer Harris (screenplay, adapted from the play by Harry Chapman Ford, by Jack Jevne), John W. Krafft (intertitles), Paul Sloane (director) / 1926 [film]

The Exchange (see El intercambio)

Exit Smiling Sam Taylor (screenplay and with Tim Whelan scenario, based on a story by Marc Connelly), Sam Taylor (director) / 1926 [film]

The Exterminating Angel Tom Cairns (libretto, based on Luis Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel), Thomas Adès (composer), Gary Halvorson (HD director) Tom Cairns (stage production director) / 2017 [HD-live opera]

Fag (see PD)

Faggot (see Tapette)

Fail, Delete (see Errou, Apaga)

The Fall of the House of Usher James Sibley Watson, Jr. and Melville Webber (screenplay and directors, based on the story of Edgar Allen Poe) / 1928 [film]

The Fall of the House of Usher Curtis Harrington (director, based on the story by Edgar Allen Poe) / 1942 [film]

The Fall of the House of Usher Robert Esson (screenplay and adaptation, devised by Albert McCleery from the story “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allen Poe), Boris Sagal (director) / 1956 [television video]

The Fall of the House of Usher (see La Chute de la maison Usher)

Fallen Angels Mike and George Kuchar / 2013 [short film]

Falsettos William Finn (music and lyrics), James Lapine (book) / Los Angeles, Third Street Theater, October 16, 2011 [musical drama]

Falsettos William Finn (music and lyrics) James Lapine (book) / directed by James Lapine at the Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles,  April 17, 2019 [musical drama]

Family Affair (see Assunto de Familia)

Family Outing Ben McCormack (screenwriter and director) / 2001 [short film]

Famous Father Girl: A Memoir of Growing Up Bernstein Jaimie Bernstein (New York: HarperCollins, 2018) [memoir]

Fanatic Andrew Chappelle (screenplay, based on story by Chappelle and Mike Millan), Taran Killam (director) / 2023 [short film]

Fanny Zilch, Episode 1—The Banker’s Daughter Frank Moser and Paul Terry (screenwriters and directors) / 1933 [short animated film]

Fanny Zilch, Episode  2—The Oil Can Mystery Frank Moser and Paul Terry (screenwriters and directors) / 1933 [short animated film]

Fanny Zilch, Episode 3—Fanny in the Lion’s Den Frank Moser and Paul Terry (screenwriters and directors) / 1933 [short animated film]

Fanny Zilch, Episode 4—Hypnotic Eyes Frank Moser and Paul Terry (screenwriters and directors) / 1933 [short animated film]

Fanny Zilch, Episode 5—Fanny’s Wedding Day Frank Moser and Paul Terry (screenwriters and directors) / 1933 [short animated film] 

O Fantasma Alexandre Melo and José Neves (screenplay), João Pedro Rodrigues (director) / 2000, USA 2001 [film]

Far From Heaven Todd Haynes (screenwriter and director) / 2002 [film]

Far from the City (see Longe de Cuidade)

Far West Olivier Nicklaus, Paul Raoux and Pascal-Alex Vincent (screenwriters), Pascal-Alex Vincent (director) / 2003 [TV movie]

Farewell My Concubine (see Ba wang bie ji)

Fascination Jean Rollin (screenwriter and director) / 1979 [film]

Fast Workers Laurence Stallings (screenplay, with continuity by Karl Brown and Ralph Wheelwright, based on the play by John McDermott), Tod Browning (director, uncredited) / 1933 [film]

Le fate ignoranti (The Ignorant Fairies), USA aka His Secret Life Gianni Romoli and Ferzan Ozpetek (screenplay), Ferzan Ozpetek (director) / 2001, USA 2002 [film]

Father's Week-end Dick Kinney and Brice Mack (story), Jack Kinney and Jack Hannah (directors) / 1953 [animated short cartoon]

Faustrecht der Freiheit (Fox and His Friends) Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Christian Hohoff (screenplay), Rainer Werner Fassbinder (director) / 1975, USA 1976 [film]

Fauvre Quentin Jabelot (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

The Favourite Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara (screenplay), Giorgos Lantios (director) / 2018 [film]

Felice Lozarro (Happy as Lozarro) Alice Rohrwacher (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [film]

Fellini Satyricon (Satyricon) Bernardino Zapponi and Brunello Rondi (screenplay, loosely based on the work by Petronius), Federico Fellini (director) / 1969, USA 1970 [film]

Les Feluettes (Lilies) Michel Marc Bouchard and Linda Gaboriau (screenplay, based on Bouchard’s play), John Greyson (director) / 1996 [film]

Female Gene Markey and Kathryn Scola (screenplay, based on a novel by Donald Henderson Clarke), Michael Curtiz, William Dieterle, and William A. Wellman / 1933 [film]

Female Trouble John Waters (screenwriter and director) / 1974 [film]

Ferdinand the Bull Munro Leaf, Robert Lawson and Vernon Stallings (writers), Milt Kahl, Hamilton Luske, Bill Stokes, John Bradbury, Bernard Garbutt, Ward Kimball, Jack Campbell, Stan Quachenbush, and Don Lusk (animators), Dick Rickard (director) / 1938 [animated cartoon]

La fessée à l’école (School Spanking) / 1925 [porno film]

Le feu au lac (Fire at the Lake) Pierre Menahem (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

The Fiddler of Florence (see Der Geiger von Florenz)

Fiend Jonesy (director) / 1994 [short film]

Fifteen Louisa Baldwin (screenwriter and director / 2018 [short film]

15 שנה (15 Years) Yuval Hadadi (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [film]

Fifty Million Frenchmen Joseph Jackson, Eddie Welch, and Al Boasberg (screenplay, based on the musical by Herbert Fields, E. Ray Goetz, and Cole Porter), Lloyd Bacon (director) / 1931 [film]

Fig Leaves Hope Loring and Louis D. Lighton (screenplay, based on a story by Howard Hawks), Howard Hawks (director) / 1926 [film]

Figli di Annibale (Children of Hannibal) Davide Ferrario and Diego Abatantuono (screenplay, based on a story Ferrario, Abatantuono, and Sergijo Rubini), Davide Ferrario (director) / 1998 [film]

Filibus (Filibus: The Mysterious Air Pirate) Giovanni Bertinetti (screenplay), Mario Roncoroni (director) / 1915 [film]

Filip Nathalie Álvarez Mesén (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Finis terrae Jean Epstein (screenwriter and director) / 1929 [film]

Fire Deepa Mehta (screenwriter and director) / 1996 [film]

Fire at the Lake (see Le feu au lac)

The Fire: Collected Essays of Robin Blaser Robin Blaser (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006) [essays]

The Fire That Burns (see La ville dont le prince est un enfant)

Firebird Peeter Rebane and Tom Prior (screenplay, based on the memoir by Sergey Fetisov), Peter Rebane (director) / 2021 [film]

Fireworks Kenneth Anger (director) / 1947 [short film]

First a Girl Marjorie Gaffney (screenplay, based on the film by Reinhold Schünzel), Victor Saville (director) / 1935 [film]

The First Fallen (see Os Primeiros Soldados)

First Time Nir Sadeh (director) / 2010 [short film]

Fish Tank Neal Mulani (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

5 Telephone Conversations Travis Cook (screenwriter and director) / 2006 [short film]

El Flaco Krisstian de Lara (scenario and director) / 2014 [short film]

Flames of Passion Richard Kwietniowski (screenwriter and director) / 1989 [short film]

Flaming Creatures Jack Smith (writer and director) / 1963 [film]

The Flavor of Corn (see Il sapore del grano)

Flesh Paul Morrissey (writer and director) / 1968 [film]

Flesh and the Devil Benjamin Glaser (screenplay, based on the play The Undying Past by Hermann Sudermann), Marian Ainslee (titles), Clarence Brown (director) / 1926 [film]

Flex Charles Gould (screenplay), Matt Porter (director) / 2020 [short film]

Flicka och hyacinter (Girl with Hyacinths) Hasse Ekman (screenwriter and director) / 1950 [film]

Flickan i frack (The Girl in Tails) Hjalmar Bergman (scenario, based on his 1925 novella), Karin Swanström (director) / 1926 [film]

Flight Frank Capra and Howard J. Green (screenplay, based on a story by Ralph Graves), Frank Capra (director) / 1929 [film]

Flip the Frog—Soda Squirt Lee Blair, Shamus Culhane, Al Eugster, Grim Natwick and Irven Spence (animators), Ub Iwerks (director) / 1933 [animated movie]

Floozy Suzy (see Vagabunda de Meia Tigela)

Florence Foster Jenkins Nicholas Martin (screenplay), Stephen Frears (director) / 2006 [film]

A Florida Enchantment Marguerite Bertsch and Eugene Mullin (writers, based on the novel and play by Fergus Redmond and Archibald Clavering Gunter), Sidney Drew (director) / 1914 [film]

The Flower Thief  Ron Rice (screenwriter and director) / 1960 [film]

Flying Down to Rio Cyril Hume, H. W. Hanemann, and Erwin Gelsey (screenplay, based on a stage play by Anne Caldwell, based, in turn, on a story by Lou Brock; with Adele Comandini, Joseph Fields, Thomas Lennon, Fred Niblo, Jr., Gilberto Souto, Harvey F. Thew, and H. Reynolds as uncredited contributing writers), Thornton Freeland (director) / 1933 [film]

The Flying Fleet Richard Schaver (screenplay, based on a story by Frank Wead and Byron Morgan, with titles by Joseph Farnham), George W. Hill (director) / 1929 [film]

Fødselsdagen (Happy Birthday) Lasse Nielsen and Bent Petersen (screenplay), Lasse Nielsen (director)/ 2013 [short film]

La Folie Almayer (Almayer’s Folly) Chantal Akerman (writer, based on Joseph Conrad’s Almayer’s Folly), Chantel Akerman (director) / 2011 [film]

Follow the Fleet Allan Scott and Dwight Taylor (screenplay, with dialogue by Lew Lipton, based on the Shore Leave by Hubert Osborne), Mark Sandrich (director) / 1936 [film]

Follow Thru Laurence Schwab and Lloyd Corrigan (screenwriters, based on the Broadway musical by Lew Brown, B. G. DeSylva, Ray Henderson, and Laurence Schwab, and directors) / 1930 [film]

Follow You Follow Me Robert Lambert (screenwriter and director) /  1979 [TV film]

Follower Mark Levine (screenwriter and director) / 2009 [short film]

Following Christopher Nolan (writer and director) / 1998, UK release 1999 [short film]

A Football Thing Bruce Leddy (director), Mad TV episode 905 / 2003 [film]

Footlight Parade Manuel Seff and James Seymour (writers, based on a story by Robert Lord and Peter Milne [uncredited]), Lloyd Bacon (director), Busby Berkeley (dance numbers) / 1933 [film]

For Heaven’s Sake Ted Wilde, John Grey, and Clyde Bruckman (screenplay and story), Sam Taylor (director) / 1926 [film]

For the Love of Julio Jamieson Pearce (screenwriter and director) / 2014 [short film]

For They Know Not What They Do Daniel G. Karslake and Nancy Kennedy (screenwriters) Daniel G. Karslake (director) / 2020 [documentary film]

Forbidden Games: The Justin Fashanu Story John Carey and Adam Darke (directors) / 2017 [documentary film]

Forces Dominic Poliquin (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [TV short film]

Foreign Lovers Timothy Ryan Hickernell (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

En forelskelse (Awakening) Christian Tafdrup (screenwriter, from an idea by Jonatan Spang, and director) / 2008 [short film]

Forsaken Frank Mosvold (screenwriter and director) / 1994 [short film]

Forsaking All Others Joseph L. Mankiewicz (screenplay, based on the stage play by Frank Morgan Cavett and Edward Barry Roberts), W. S. Van Dyke (director) / 1934 [film]

Forty Deuce Alan Bowne (screenplay, based on his stage play), Paul Morrissey (director) [film]

45 Minutes from Hollywood Hal Roach, H.M. Walker, and Walter Lantz (writers), Fred Guiol (director) / 1926 [film]

44 Inch Chest Louis Mellis and David Scinto (screenplay), Malcolm Venville / 2009, USA 2010 [film]

42nd Street Hood Robert Henry Mizer (scenarist and director) / 1957 [film]

Found by the Treeside Luke Spellacy Shaw (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

The Fourth Date (see La cuarta cita)

Fourth Man Out Aaron Danick (screenplay), Andrew Nackman (director) / 2016 [film]

Howard N. Fox and Douglas Messerli (see also Howard N. Fox, under Howard)

Fox and His Friends (see Faustrecht der Freiheit)

Foxcatcher E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman (screenplay), Bennett Miller (director) / 2014 [film]

Fragment of Seeking Curtis Harrington (director) / 1946 [film]

Frank’s Cock Mike Hoolboom (screenwriter and director) / 1993 [short film]

Franswa Sharl Hannah Hilliard and Greg Logan (screenplay), Hannah Hilliard (director) / 2009 [short film]

Frantz François Ozon and Philippe Piazzo (screenplay, based on the film Broken Lullaby by Ernst Lubitsch), François Ozon  (director) / 2016 [film]

Freak Orlando Ulrike Ottinger (screenplay and director) / 1981 [film]

Fredagsbarn (Friday's Child) Tom Kietz (screenwriter and director) / 2010 [short film]

Freddy Deborah Lawlor / Los Angeles, The Fountain Theatre, performed at the Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy’s Caminito Theatre, Frances Loy (director) / September 28, 2017 [dance, theater]

Freddy the Freshman Isadore “Friz” Freleng and Paul Smith (animation), Rudolph Ising (director) / 1932  [animated movie]

Freed (see Baltringue)

Freedom for Us (see À Nous la Liberté)

Fremragende Timer (Precious Moments) Jan Dalchow and Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen (screenwriters and directors) / 2003 [short film]

Un frère (A Brother) Martin Escoffier and Victor Habchy (witers and directors) / 2018 [film]

Friday's Child (see Fredagsbarn)

The Friends (see Les amis)

Friends Forever (see Venner for altid)

Frostbite Wrik Mead (writer and director) / 1996 [short film]

Frühstück? (Breakfast?) Alexander Pfeuffer (screenwriter and director) / 2002 [short film]

福壽草 (Sono ichi - Hana monogatari: Fukujusō) (The Scent of Pheasant’s Eye)  Raizō Hagino, Jirō Kawate, and Nobuko Yoshiya (screenplay), Jirō Kawate (director) / 1935 [film]

Full Service Scotty Bowers (New York: Grove Press, 2012) [memoir]

Fun Down There Roger Stigliano and Michael Waite (screenplay) / 1988, Germany 1989, USA 1990 [short film]

Funeral Parade of Roses (see Bara no sôretsu)

Furious Saint Jack & Otter, Alone Ethan Michael Roberts (screenwriter and director) / 2014 [short film]

Der Fürst von Pappenheim (The Masked Mannequin) Robert Liebmann (screenplay, based on the operetta by Franz Robert Arold and Ernst Bach), Richard Eichberg (director) / 1927 [film]

The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy Gene Gauntier (screenplay), Sidney Olcott (director) / 1910 [short film]

The Future Andy Ichang Wang (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Futures (and Derivatives) Arthur Halpern (screenwriter and director) / 2007 [short film]

Gammelion Gregory J. Markopoulos (writer and director) / 1968  [short film]

Federico García Lorca (Spain) [poetry]

Garçon chiffon (My Best Part) | Maud Ameline, Sophie Fillières, and Nicolas Maury (screenplay), Nicholas Maury (director) / 2020 [film]

Garçon stupide (Stupid Boy) Lionel Baier and Laurent Guido (screenplay), Lionel Baier (director) / 2004 [film]

La Garçonne Victor Margueritte (screenplay, based on his novel of 1922), Armand du Plessy (director) / 1923 [film, difficult to obtain and unavailable in English]

La Garçonne (aka The Flapper and The Tomboy) Albert Dieudonné (screenwriter, based on the novel by Victor Margueritte), Jean de Limur (director) / 1936 [film]

The Garden Derek Jarman (screenwriter and director) / 1990 [film]

The Garden of Secrets (see Las semanas del jardín)

The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (see Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini)

A Gasoline Wedding H. M. Walker (scenario), Alfred J. Goulding (director) / 1918 [short film]

Gay Artists in Modern American Culture: An Imagined Conspiracy Michael S. Sherry / 2007 [cultural history/gay studies]

Gay Berlin: Birthplace of a Modern Identity Robert Beachy / 2014 [cultural history / queer studies]

The Gay Bride Bella and Sam Spewak (screenplay, based on a fiction by Charles Francis Coe), Jack Conway (director) / 1934 [film]

The Gay Deception Stephen Morehouse Avery and Don Hartman (screenplay, with uncredited contributions by Patterson McNutt, Samson Raphaelson, and Arthur Richman), William Wyler (director) / 1935 [film]

The Gay Divorcee George Marion Jr., Dorothy Yost. and Edward Kaufman, with additional dialogue by Robert Benchley, H. W. Hanemann, and Stanley Rauh (screenplay, based on Dwight Taylor and Cole Porter’s stage musical The Gay Divorce), Mark Sandrich (director) / 1934 [film]

The Gay in the Attic Simon Connolly (screenwriter and director) / 2011 [short film]

Gay USA Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. (director, with Frederick Schminke, Pat Rocco, Grant Smith, and Bill Moritz) / 1977 [documentary film]

Gay Zombie Michael Simon (screenwriter and director) / 2007 [short film]

Gaydar Larry LaFond and Terry Ray (screenplay), Larry LaFond (director) / 2002 [short film]

¡Gaytino! Dan Guerrero (writer and performer) / East Los Angeles, East Los Angeles College, October 4, 2012 [performance / personal memory]

Der Geiger von Florenz (The Fiddler of Florence) aka Impetuous Youth Paul Czinner (screenwriter and director) / 1926 [film]

Gentleman Jigger Richard Bruce Nugent / (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Da Capo Press, 2008) [fiction]

Germania anno zero (Germany, Year Zero) Roberto Rossellini, Max Kolpé and Sergio Amidei (screenplay), Roberto Rossellini (director) / 1948 [film] 

Germany, Year Zero (see Germania anno zero)

Geschlecht in Fesseln (Sex in Chains) Herbert Juttke and Georg C. Klaren (writers), William Dieterle (director) / 1928 [film]

Gesetze der Liebe (Laws of Love) Magnus Hirschfeld (screenwriter and director, using portions of Richard Oswald’s Anders als die Andern (Different from the Others) / 1927 [film]

Get Real Patrick Wilde (screenplay, based on his play What’s Wrong with Angry?), Simon Shore (director) / 1998 [film]

Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini (The Garden of the Finzi-Continis) Vittorio Bonicelli and Ugo Pirro (screenplay, based on the book by Giorgio Bassani), Vittorio de Sica (director)/ 1970, USA 1971 [film]

The Gift (see O Presente)

Gigolo Bastian Schweitzer (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [short film]

Una giornata particolare (A Special Day) Maurizio Costanzo, Ruggero Maccari, and Ettore Scola (writers), Ettore Scola (director) / 1977 [film]

Giovani mariti (Young Husbands) Mauro Bolognini, Enzo Curreli, Pasquale Festa Campanile, Massimo Franciosa, Luciano Martino, and Pier Paolo Pasolini (screenplay), Mauro Bolognini (director) / 1958 [film]

A Girl in Every Port James Kevin McGuinness (screenplay, based on a scenario by Seton I. Miller, with intertitles by Malcolm Stuart), Howard Hawks (director) / 1928 [film]

The Girl in Tails (see Flickan i frack)

The Girl Spy: An Incident of the Civil War Gene Gauntier (screenplay), Sidney Olcott (director) / 1909 [short film]

The Girl Spy Before Vicksburg Gene Gauntier (screenplay) Sidney Olcott (director) / 1910 [short film]

Girl with Hyacinths (see Flicka och hyacinter

Girls in Uniform (see Mädchen in Uniform)

Girls Will Be Boys Roger Burford, Clifford Grey, and Curt Siodmak (screenplay and scenario, based on a play by Curt Siodmak), Marcel Varnel (director) / 1934 [film]

Giulio Cesare Nicola Francesco Haym (libretto, after Giacomo Francesco Busani’s Giulio Cesare in Egitto), George Frideric Handel (composer), David McVicar (stage director), Gary Halvorson (director) / 2013 [HD Opera]

Give Me Your Hand (see Donne-moi la main)

Glances Aleksei Borovikov (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams, Los Angeles, the Mark Taper Forum, October 17, 2010 [drama]

Glen or Glenda Ed Wood (screenplay and director) / 1953 [film]

Glitterbug Derek Jarman (director), David Lewis and Andy Crabb (editors) / 1994 [film]

Go Back to Where You Are David Greenspan / Los Angeles, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, August 14, 2016 [drama]

Go Set a Watchman Harper Lee / 2015 [fiction]

The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? Edward Albee / the production I saw was at the Davidson/Valentini Theater of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, on Sunday, October 12, 2014 [drama]

Gods and Monsters Bill Condon (screenplay, based on the book Father of Frankenstein by Christopher Bram, and director) / 1998 [film]

God's Gift to Women Raymond Griffith, Frederick H. Brennan, and Joseph Jackson (screenplay, based on The Devil Was Sick by Jane Hinton), Michael Curtiz (director) / 1931 [film]

Gods of the Plague (see Götter der Pest)

God’s Own Country Francis Lee (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [film]

Go-Go Reject Heath Daniels (screenplay), Michael J. Saul (director) / 2010 [short film]

御法度 (Gohatto) (Taboo) Nagisa Ōshima (screenplay, based on Shinsengumi Keppūroku by Ryōtarō Shiba), Nagisa Ōshima (director) / 1999 [film]

Going Hollywood Donald Ogden Stewart (screenplay, based on a story by Frances Marion) Raoul Walsh (director) / 1933 [film]

Gold Armen Kazazian (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [short film]

Golden Kai Stänicke (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Golden Goose Addie Atwell and Wes Malmont (screenplay, based on a story by Ryan Lasky), Elle Mazer (director) / 2023 [short film]

The Golden Pin Matt Guerin and Cuong Ngo (screenplay), Cuong Ngo (director) / 2009 [short film]

Good Boy Chris Coats (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Good Intentions Peter Wells (screenwriter and director) / 1989 [short film]

The Good Companions Ian Dalrymple, Edward Knoblock, W. P. Lipscomb, and Angus MacPhail (screenplay, based on the fiction by J. B. Priestley), Victor Saville (director) / 1933 [film]

Good Night Eric Shahinian (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Good Night, Nurse! Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1918 [short film]

A Good Son Robert Little (screenwriter and director) / 1998 [short film]

The Good Waiter Matthew Ludwinski and Kevin Grant Spencer (screenplay), George Bamber (director) / 2016 [short film]

The Goodbye George Velez, Jr. (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Goodbye, Charley Nate Trinrud (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

The Gospel According to St. Matthew (see Il vangelo secondo Matteo)

Götter der Pest (Gods of the Plague) Rainer Werner Fassbinder (screenwriter and director) / 1970, USA 1977 [film]

Le goût de l'autre (The Taste of Others) Jordan Fleury Kervella (screenwriter and director) / 2014 [short film]

Grand Hotel William A. Drake and Edmund Golding [uncredited] (based on Drake’s play, adapted, in turn on the novel by Vicki Baum) (writers), Edmund Goulding (director) / 1932 [film]

Grand Slam Erwin S. Gelsey and David Boehm (screenplay, based on the Book by Benjamin Russell Herts), William Dieterle and Alfred Green (directors) / 1933 [film]

Le grand sout d’homme (Bossom Buddies) / c. 1925 [porno film]

La Grande Illusion (Grand Illusion) Jean Renoir and Charles Spaak (screenplay),  Jean Renoir (director) / 1937, USA 1938 [film]

Grandpa's Girl Gilbert Pratt (screenwriter and director) / 1924 [film]

Greek School Prayer (see Prosefhi)

Green Tom Rhoads / 1988 [short film]

Green Butterflies (see Mariposas Verdes)

Green Light Jesse James Rice (screenplay), Adam Tyree (director) / 2020 [short film]

Grocery List Joanne Mony Park (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

The Grim Reaper (see La commare secca)

Grotto Dave Scala (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

The Ground Beneath My Feet (see Der Boden unter den Füßen)

Gueule d’Amour (Lady Killer) Charles Spaak (screenplay, based on the novel by André Beucler), Jean Grémillon (director) / 1937 [film]

GUO4 Peter Strickland (director) / 2019 [short film]

Habit (see Aadat)

Hable con ella (Talk to Her) Pedro Almodóvar (screenwriter and director) / 2002 [film]

Hai Chú Cháu (Uncle & Son) Dinh Anh Nguyen (screenwriter, based on a story by Huuthang, and director) / 2012 [short film]

Hail, Caesar! Ethan Coen and Joel Coen (screenplay and directors) / 2016 [film]

The Half of It Alice Wu (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [film]

Half-Share Jesse Archer and Sean Hanley (writers and directors) / 2011 [short film]

Hamam: Il bagno turco (Steam: The Turkish Bath) Ferzan Özpetek, Stefano Tummolini, and Aldo Sambrell (screenplay, based on a story by Ferzan Özpetek), Ferzan Özpetek (director) / 1997, USA 1998 [film]

Hamlet Erwin Gepard (screenplay, based on the book by Edward P. Vining), Sven Gade and Heinz Schall (directors) / 1921 [film]

Hand Job Wrik Mead (writer and director) / 2001 [short film]

Hand Off Chadlee Skrikker (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Handjob Erik Patterson (author) / The Echo Theater Company, performing at Atwater Village Theater, Los Angeles / the performance I attended was on Sunday, September 8, 2019 [theater/drama]

Handsome Devil John Butler (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [film]

Handsome Serge (see Le Beau Serge)

Hangover Square John Brahm (screenplay, based on the novel by Patrick Hamilton), John Brahm (director) / 1945 [film]

Hann (Him) Runar Þór Sigurbjörnsson (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Happiest Season Clea DuVall and Mary Holland (screenplay), Clea DuVall (director) / 2020 [TV film]

Happy as Lozarro (see Felice Lozarro)

Happy Birthday (see Fødselsdagen)

春光乍洩 Happy Together Wong Kar-wai (screenplay and direction) / 1997 [film]

Hard John Huckert and John Matkowsky (screenplay), John Huckert (director) / 1998 [film]

Hard Christian Jacob Ramón (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Hard Corey Dashaun (screenplay), Robin Takao D’Oench (director) / 2022 [short film]

Hard-Core Home Movie Greta Snider / 1989 [short film]

Marsden Hartley  (see The Collected Poems of Marsden Hartley)

                             (see Marsden Hartley: The German Paintings 1913-1915) 

Hatsukoi: Jigoku-hen (Nanami: The Inferno of First Love) Susumu Hani and Shūji Terayama (screenplay), Susumu Hani (director) / 1968, USA 1969 [film]

Haus Joseph Amenta (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Haven Wrik Mead (director) / 1992 [short film/animation]

He Became a Regular Fellow Bennett Cohen (scenario), Roy Clements (director) / 1916 [short film]

He Could've Gone Pro McGhee Monteith (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Head On Andrew Bovell, Ana Kokkinos, and Mira Robertson (screenplay, based on the book Loaded by Christos Tsiolkas), Ana Kokkinos (director) / 1998 [film]

Heart Mark Cogan (screenwriter and director) / 2010 [short film]

Heartland Mark Christopher (screenwriter and director) / 2007 [short film]

Hearts and Flowers Mack Sennett (screenwriter), Edward F. Cline (director) / 1919 [short film]

Hearts and the Highway Jasper Ewing Brady (screenplay, based on his novel), Wilfrid North (director) / 1915 [lost film]

Heat Lightning Warren Duff (screenplay, based on the stage play by George Abbott and Leon Abrams), Mervyn LeRoy (director) / 1934 [film]

Heaven on Earth (see Der Himmel auf Erden)

Legodimo le kopana le lefatshe (Heaven Reaches Down to Earth) Tebogo Malebogo (screenwriter, based on a story by Malebogo and Petrus van Staden, and director) / 2020 [short film]

Heavenly Creatures Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson (screenplay), Peter Jackson (director) / 1994 [film]

黑眼圈 (Hēiyǎnquān) (I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone) Tsai Ming-liang (writer and director) / 2006 [film]

Hell Has No Limits (see El lugar sin limites)

Hell without Limits (see El lugar sin limites, film)

Helena: Der raub der Helena (Helena: The Rape of Helen) / 1924 ||  Helena: Der Untergang Trojas (Helena: The Fall of Troy) / 1925 | Hans Kyser (screenplay, based on The Iliad), Manfred Noa (director) [films]

Hello, Stranger (see Dag vreemde man)

Hell’s Highway Samuel Ornitz, Robert Tasker and Rowland Brown (screenplay), Rowland Brown and John Cromwell (directors) / 1932 [film]

Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party Stephen Cone (screenwriter and director) / 2015, general release 2016 [film]

Her Golden Calf Marion Orth and Harold R. Atteridge (screenplay, based on a fiction by Aaron Davis), Millard Webb (director) / 1930 [Lost film]

Hermanos (Brothers) Cristian Riquelme Ripoll (screenwriter and director) / 2016-2017 [TV series]

Hermes Bird James Broughton and Joel Singer (directors) / 1979 [short film]

Herr Tartüff (Tartuffe) Carl Mayer (screenplay, based on the play by Molière), F. W. Murnau (director) / 1925 [film]

L’heure du thé (Tea Time) / 1925 [porno film]

Hey Google Leon Lopez (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Hey Mom, Hey Dad (see Hola, mamá, hola, papá)

Hey There Alfred J. Goulding (director) / 1918 [short film]

Hidden Master: The Legacy of George Platt Lynes Matthew Kraus, John MacConnell, and Sam Shahid (screenplay), Sam Shahid (director) / 2023 [film documentary]

Hideous Yann Gonzalez and Oliver Sim (screenplay), Yann Gonzalez (director) / 2022 [short film]

Hidroalcohólico (Hydroalcoholic) Roberto Pérez Toledo (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

High Heels (see Tacones lejanos)

High Tide (see Stille Dorst

El hijo (The Son) Enrique De Tomás and Venci Kostov (screenplay), Venci Kostov (director) / 2012 [short film]   

Hijo Pródigo (Prodigal Son) Juan Felipe Restrepo (screenplay), Amalia Ramírez Atiles (director) / 2017 [short film]

Hilda Wakes unknown director / 1913 [short film]

Him (see Hann)

Der Himmel auf Erden (Heaven on Earth) Reinhold Schünzel and Alfred Schirokauer (screenplay, based on the play Der Doppelmensch by Wilhelm Jacoby and Arthur Lippschitz), Alfred Schirokauer (director) / 1927 [film]  

Hips, Hips, Horray! Edward Kaufman, Bert Kalmar, and Harry Ruby (screenplay, music, and lyrics) Mark Sandrich (director) / 1934 [film] 

His Double Alice Guy Blaché (writer and director) / 1912 [short film]    

His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz (aka The New Wizard of Oz) L. Fran Baum and Louis F. Gottschalk (screenplay), J. Farrell MacDonald (director) / 1914 [film]

His Wedding Night Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1917 [short film]

His Wife’s Mistakes Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (director) / 1916 [short film]

Hitch Bradley Rust Gray (writer and director) / 1999 [short film]

Hockney Randall Wright (director) / 2016 [documentary]

Hofesh Gadol (Summer Vacation) Tal Granit and Sharon Maymon (screenwriters and director) / 2012 [short film]

Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (The Way He Looks) Daniel Ribeiro (screenwriter, based on his short film I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone, and director) / 2014 [film]

Hola, mamá, hola, papá (Hey Mom, Hey Dad) Roberto Pérez Toledo (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

"Holden, Lolita, and Malcolm: Three Children of the 1950s and Their Encounters with Adult Predation" Douglas Messerli [essay on Catcher on the Rye, Lolita, and Malcolm]

Holding the Man Tommy Murphy (screenplay, based on the memoir by Timothy Conigrave), Neil Armfield (director) / 2015 [film]

Holiday Donald Ogden Stewart and Sidney Buchman (screenplay, based on the stage play by Philip Barry), George Cukor (director) / 1938 [film]

Holiday Michiel Dhont (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

The Hollywood Revue of 1929 Al Boasberg, Robert E. Hopkins, and Joseph W. Farnham (screenplay), Charles Reisner (director) / 1929 [film] 

Holy Hell Will Allen (director) / 2016 [documentary] 

Home Movie Jan Oxenberg (writer and director) / 1973 [short film]

L'homme blessé (The Wounded Man) Patrice Chéreau and Hervé Guibert (screenplay), Patrice Chéreau (director) / 1983 [film]

L'Homme du large (The Man of the Sea) Marcel L'Herbier (scenario, based on a story by Honoré de Balzac, and director) / 1920 [film]

L'Homme que j'aime (The Man I Love) Stéphane Giusti (screenwriter and director) / 1997 [TV movie]  

The Hoodlum Bernard McConville (screenplay based on the novel by Julie Mathilde Lippmann), Sidney A. Franklin (director) / 1919 [film]

Hoolboom Wrik Mead and Mike Hoolboom (screenwriters), Wrik Mead (director) / 1999 [short film]

Les horizons mort (Dead Horizons) Jacques Demy (director) / 1951 [short film]  

Hot boy nổi loạn và câu chuyện về thằng Cười, cô gái điếm và con vịt (Rebellious Hot Boy and the Story of Cười, the Prostitute and the Duck) aka Hotboy and Lost in Paradise Vũ Ngọc Đãng and Lương Mạnh Hải (screenplay), Vũ Ngọc Đãng (director) / 2011, general release 2012 [film]

Hot Legs Luiz De Barros (writer and director) / 1995 

Hotel Death and Other Tales John Perreault / 1989 [fiction and biography]

Hotel Paraiso Gabriel Páucar Vásquez (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

El Houb (The Love) Shariff Nasr, Philip Delmaar, Fahd Larhzaoui, Tofik Dibi, and Sahil Amar Aissa (screenplay), Shariff Nasr (director) / 2022 [film]

Hour of the Wolf (see Vargtimmen)

The Hours and Times Christopher Münch (screenwriter and director) / 1991, USA 1992 [film]

The House with Closed Shutters Emmett C. Hall (screenplay), D. W. Griffith (director) / 1910 [short film]

House of Usher Richard Matheson (screenplay, based on the story “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allen Poe), Richard Corman (director) / 1960 [film]

How Percy Won the Beauty Competition Alf Collins (scenarist and director) / 1909 [short film]

How to Say I Love You at Night Andree Ljutica (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Howard N. Fox and Douglas Messerli Were Married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on November 22, 2013 [personal memory]

Langston Hughes(USA) 1902-1967 [biographical entry]

Human Condition (see Condition Humaine)

Hunt (see Jakt)

The Hustler (see Der Puppenjunge)

Hyde and Go Tweet Warren Foster (writer), Friz Freleng (director) / 1959 [cartoon film]

Hyde and Hare Warren Foster (writer), Friz Freleng (director) / 1955 [cartoon film]

Hypanthium Sebastian Hernandez (choreographer) / Redcat (the Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theater) on January 24, 2019 [dance]

I Am Divine Jeffrey Schwarz (director) / 2013 [documentary]

I Am Michael Justin Kelly and Stacey Miller (screenplay, based on the essay by Benoit Denizet-Lewis) Justin Kelly (director) / 2015 [film]

I Am Syd Stone Denis Theriault (screenwriter and director) / 2014 [short film]

I Am Suzanne Edwin Justus Mayer (screenplay), Rowland V. Lee (director) / 1933 [film]

I Carry You with Me (Te Llevo Conmigo) Heidi Ewing and Alan Page Arriaga (screenplay), Heidi Ewing (director) / 2020 [film]

I Cover the Waterfront Wells Root (screenplay, with additional dialogue by Jack Jevne, based on the book by Max Miller), James Cruze (director) / 1933 [film]

I Do (see Aceito)

I Don't Kiss (see J'embrasse pas)

I Don’t Want to Be a Man (see Ich möchte kein Mann sein)

I Don't Want to Go Back Alone (see Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho)

I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone 黑眼圈 (see Hēiyǎnquān)

I Killed My Mother (see J'ai tué ma mère)

I Like You, I Like You Very Much (see Anata-ga suki desu, dai suki desu

I Love Hooligans Jan-Dirk Bouw (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

I Love You, I Don’t (see Je t’aime moi no plus)

I Love You Phillip Morris Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (screenwriters and directors, based on a book by Steven McVicker) / 2009, USA 2010 [film]

I Lust You Jan Baylon (screenplay and director) / 2019 [short fiction]

I Think I Do Brian Sloan (screenwriter and director) / 1997 [film]

I Think We Should Break Up… Chris D. Anderson (screenplay), Patrick Lang (director) / 2006 [short film]

I Was a Male War Bride Charles Lederer, Leonard Spigelgass, and Hagar Wilde (screenplay, based on a book by Henri Rochard), Howard Hawks (director) / 1949 [film]

I Was a Teenage Rumpot Mike and George Kuchar / 1960 [short film]

I Was Max (see As buvau Maksas)

I Wish I Never Fucking Met You Jacob Charton (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

I Was Wrong Tyler Cunningham and Bernard Leed (screenplay), Tyler Cunningham (director) / 2023 [short film]

I you he she (see Je tu il elle)

Ich möchte kein Mann sein (I Don’t Want to Be a Man) Hanns Kräly and Ernst Lubitsch (screenplay), Ernst Lubitsch (director) / 1918 [film]

if…. David Sherwin (screenplay, based on a story by David Sherwin and John Howlett), Lindsay Anderson (director) / 1968 [film]

Ifé H. Lenn Keller (director) / 1993 [short film] 

The Ignorant Fairies (see Le fate ignoranti)

Ihmiset suviyössä (People of the Summer Night) Lea Joutseno, Usko Kemppi, Valentin Vaala (screenplay, based on the novel by Frans Eemil Sillanpää), Valentin Vaala (director) / 1948 [film]

I'll Show You Mine Tiffany Louquet, Elizabeth Searle, and David Shields (screenplay), Megan Griffiths (director) / 2022 [film]

I'm in the Mood for Love Jason Karman (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

I'm No Angel Mae West and Harlan Thompson (screenplay), Wesley Ruggles (director) / 1933 [film]

I’m Not Gay Martin Chichovski (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [film]

I’m So Excited (see Los amantes pasajeros)

Image in the Snow Willard Maas (writer and director) / filmed 1943-48, 1952 released [short film]

The Imitation Game Graham Moore (screenplay, based on the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges), Moren Tyldum (director) / 2014 [film]

Impardonnables (Unforgiveable) André Téchiné and Mehdi Ben Attia (writers), André Téchiné (director) / 2011 [film]

The Impatient Patient  Don Christensen (writer), Norman McCabe (director) / 1942 [cartoon film]

In a Moment (see In einem moment)

In a Year with 13 Moons (see In einen Jahr mit 13 Monden)

In Bruges Martin McDonagh (writer and director) / 2008 [film]

In Cold Blood Richard Brooks (screenwriter and director) / 1967 [film]

In Cold Blood Truman Capote (New York: Random House, 1965) [fictional journalism]

In einem moment (In a Moment) Sharlin Lucia and Madita Rutten (screenplay), Sharlin Lucia (director) / 2019 [short film]

In einem moment (In a Moment) Sharlin Lucia and Madita Rutten (screenplay), Sharlin Lucia (director) / 2019 [short film]

In France Michelle Is a Man’s Name Em Weinstein (screenplay and direction) / 2020 [short film]

In Half Adam Tyree (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

In Masks Outrageous and Austere Tennessee Williams / New York City, Culture Project / May 6, 2012 [drama]

In Search of Avery Willard Cary Kehayan (director) / 2012 [short documentary]

In Search of Dustie-Flute David Kinloch / (Manchester, England: Carcanet, 2017) [poetry]

In the Dark (see Al buio)

In the Eyes (see Dans les yeux)

“In the Mood” Larry Rivers: What Did I Do?: The Unauthorized Autobiography / 1992 [autobiography/review]

In the Name of the Father (see Em Nome do Pai)

In the Solitude of Cotton Fields Bernard-Marie Koltès (original text), Radosław Rychcik (director) / performed by The Stefan Zeromski Theatre, with music by the Natural Born Chillers / September 24, 2010 at Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney / CalAts Theater in the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex, Los Angeles [drama / performance]

Inconfissõ (Unconfessions) Ana Galizia (director) / 2017 [short documentary]

L'Inconnu du lac (The Stranger by the Lake) Alain Guiraudie (writer and director) / 2013 [film]

Indian Summer (a.k.a. Alive and Kicking) Martin Sherman (screenplay), Nancy Meckler (director) / 1996 [film]

Infamous Douglas McGrath (screenwriter and director) (based on George Plimpton’s Truman Capote) / 2006 [film]

Influence Indy Dang (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Inherent Vice Paul Thomas Anderson (screenplay, based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon, and director) / 2014 [film]

The Innocents William Archibald and Truman Capote (screenplay, based on a story The Turn of the Screw by Henry James), John Mortimer (additional scenes and dialogue), Jack Clayton (director) / 1961 [film]

Inseln (Islands) Ron Jäger (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Inside Out Jason Gould (writer and director) / 1997 [short film]

The Inspection Elegance Bratton (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [film]

An instant (see Un instante)

Un instante (An instant) Adrià Guxens (writer and director) / 2017 [short film]

El intercambio (The Exchange) Alex Aguilera and Marco Berger (screenplay), Marco Berger (director) / 2023 [short film]

International House Walter DeLeon and Francis Martin (screenplay, based on a story by Neil Brant and Louis F. Heifetz), A. Edward Sutherland (director)| 1933 [film]

Into the Night Cath Moor (screenplay), Tony Krawitz (director) / 2002 [short film]

The Intruder (see A Intrusa)

A Intrusa (The Intruder) Carlos Hugo Christensen, Ubirajara Raffo Constant, and Orígenes Lessa (screenply, based on the story “La intrusa” by Jorge Luis Borges), Carlos Hugo Christensen (director) / 1979 [film]

The Invention Andy Mukherjee (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

Involuntary Activist Mikael Bundsen (teleplay writer and director) / 2019 [TV video]

Invulnerable Álvaro Pastor and Antonio Naharro (screenplay), Álvaro Pastor (director) / 2005 [short film]

Ipanema Michael Brynntrup (director) [short film]

Irene June Mathis and Rex Taylor (screenplay, based on the stage play by James Montgomery), George Marion, Jr. (titles), Alfred E. Green (director) / 1926 [film]

Iron Man Francis Edward Faragoh (screenplay, based on the novel by W. R. Burnett), Tod Browning (director) / 1931 [film]

Is It Just Me? J. C. Calciano (screenwriter and director) / 2010 [film]

Is Lucyna a Girl? (see Czy Lucyna to dziewczyna?)  

Is One of You Eddie? Michael Simon / 2006 (screenwriter and director) [short film]

Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? Michael Maltese and Chuck Jones (writers), Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble (directors) / 1964 [cartoon film]

Is What Was Jerry Tartaglia (director) / 2008 [film]

Christopher Isherwood (see Dinner with Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, Los Angeles / c. 1986)

إسكندرية ليه‎‎, (Iskanderija... lih?) (Alexandria…Why?) Youssef Chahine and Mohsen Zayed (screenplay), Youssef Chahine (director) / 1979 [film]

The Island Trevor Anderson (screenwriter and director) / 2008, USA 2010 [short film]

Island of Lost Souls Philip Wylie and Waldemar Young (screenplay, based on H. G. Wells’ The Island of Doctor Moreau), Erle C. Kenton (director) / 1932 [film]

Islands (see Inseln)

The Isle of Love Paul M. Bryan (scenario), Thomas J. Geraghty (intertitles), Fred. J. Balshofer (director) / 1921 [film]

It’s All Because of a Katoey (see Katoey pen het)

It’s Love I’m After Casey Robinson (screenplay, based on Gentlemen After Midnight by Maurice Hanline), Archie Mayo (director) / 1937 [film]

It’s Still Your Bed Tyler Reeves (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

J. Edgar Dustin Lance Black (screenplay), Clint Eastwood (director) / 2011 [film]

Jack A. M. Homes (screenplay, based on her fiction), Lee Rose (director) / 2004 [film]

Jackpot Adam Baran (screenwriter and director) 2012 [short film]

J'ai tué ma mère (I Killed My Mother) Xavier Dolan (screenwriter and director) / 2009 [film]

Jain Marco Zanoni (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

Jakt (Hunt) Gjertrud Bergaust (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

James Connor Clements (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [short film]

Jamie Christopher Manning (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Janine Cheryl Dunye (director and actor) 1990 [short film]

小傑 (Jay) Szu-Wei Chen (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

J'embrasse pas (I Don't Kiss) Isabelle Coudrier-Kleist, Michel Grisolia, Jacques Nolot, and André Téchiné (writers) André  Téchiné (director) / 1991 [film]

Je t’aime moi no plus (I Love You, I Don’tSerge Gainsbourg (screenwriter and director) / 1976 [film]

Je tu il elle (I you he she) Chantal Akerman (screenwriter and director) / 1975 [film]

The Jealous Sea Reid Waterer (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Ječam žela (Barley) Stefan Boskovic and Andrija Mugoša (screenplay), Andrija Mugoša (director) / 2021 [short film]

Jeffrey Paul Rudnick (screenplay based on his stage play), Christopher Ashley (director) / 1995 [film]

Jekyll and Hyde David Wickes (writer and director, derived from the story by Robert Louis Stevenson) / 1990 [film]

Jerome Lawrence: Just Off Broadway Jerome Lawrence (scenario), Will Willoughby (director) / 1993 [film]

Jersey Boys Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice (screenplay, based on their musical), Clint Eastwood (director) / 2014 [film]

Jester’s Joke (see Narren-Grappen)

Jetzt Jetzt Jetzt (Beat Beat Beat) Sebastian Köthe (screenplay, inspired by Die Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törless Robert Musil), Christin Freitag (director) / 2013

A Jihad for Love (In the Name of Allah) Parvez Sharma (director) / 2007, USA 2008 [documentary film]

Jimmy in Saigon Peter McDowell (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [documentary film]

John Waters: Pope of Trash (see Waters)

Johnny Brandon Lloyd [as Brandon Crowder] (screenplay), Micah Stuart (director) / 2016 [short film]

Johnny Jérôme Casanova (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

The Jolly Rounders Paul Terry (writer and cartoonist) / 1923 [animated cartoon]

Jonas (I Am Jonas) aka Boys Christophe Charrier (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [film]

Le Journal d’un curé de champagne (Diary of a Country Priest) | Robert Bresson (writer and director, based on a novel by Georges Bernanos) / 1951, USA 1954 [film]

The Journey of the Hyenas (see Touki Bouki)

El joven Diego (Young Diego) Osama Chami and Enrique Gimeno Pedrós (screenwriters and directors) / 2021 [short film]

Judith of Bethulia D. W. Griffith and Frank E. Woods (screenplay, based on the drama by Thomas Bailey Aldrich), D. W. Griffith (director) / 1914 [film]

Jugend und Tollheit (Lady Madcap’s Way) Urban Gad (screenwriter and director) / 1913 [lost film]

Jules et Jim (Jules and Jim) Jean Gruault and François Truffaut (screenplay, based on the book by Henri-Pierre Roché), François Truffaut (director) / 1962 [film]

Julia Julie Cohen and Betsy West / 2021 [film documentary]

Julieta Pedro Almodóvar (writer, based on stories by Alice Munro), Pedro Almodóvar (director) / 2016 [film]

Jump, Darling Phil Connell (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [film]

The Jump Off Jovan James (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

Der junge Törless (Young Törless) | Volker Schlöndorff and Herbert Asmodi (based on the fiction by Robert Musil), Volker Schlöndorff (director) / 1966 [film]

Die Jungfrauenmaschine (Virgin Machine) Monika Treut (screenwriter and director) / 1988 [film]

Just a Gigolo Ennio De Concini and Joshua Sinclair (screenplay), David Hemmings (director) / 1978 [film]

Just Ask Him Brian Tognotti (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [film]

Just Friends Adante Watts (screenwriter and director) / 2023 [short film]

Just Imagine Buddy DeSylva, Lew Brown, and Ray Henderson (book, music, and lyrics), David Butler (director) / 1930 [film]

Just One Time Lane Janger (writer and director) / 1998 [short film]

Just One Time Lane Janger and Jennifer Vandever (screenplay, based on a story by Lane Janger), Lane Janger (director) / 1999 [film]

Just Out of Reach Jonathan Wald (screenwriter and director) / 1998 [short film]

K Alejandro Andrade, Luis Gamboa, Roberto Quintanilla, and Juan Martín Simons (screenplay), Juan Martín Simons (director) / 2005 [short film]

Kali Ma Soman Chainani (screenwriter and director) / 2007 [short film]

Katoey pen het (It’s All Because of a Katoey) The Ledger Group (Charlie Silapee) (director) / 1954 [short film]

Katzelmacher Rainer Werner Fassbinder (screenwriter and director) / 1969 [film]

Keel Bryony Ive (screenplay), Gabrielle Russell / 2004 [film] 

Keep Moving (The Mishaps of Musty Suffer #2) Louis Myll (director) / 1915 [short film]

Keep the Lights On Ira Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias (screenplay), Ira Sachs (director) / 2012 [film]

警察官 (Keisatsukan) (Police Officer, aka Policeman) Eizo Yamauchi (screenplay, based on a story by Toshihiko Takeda), Tomu Uchida (director) / 1933 [film]

Kept Boy David Ozanich (screenplay, based on a novel by Robert Rodi), George Bamber (director) / 2017 [film]

خط Khata Aiman Hassani  and Britt Snel (teleplay), Aiman Hassani (director) / 2019 [short film]

Khawaaish Sumir Pawar (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Kick the Can (see Tarro)

The Kids Are All Right | Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg (screenplay), Lisa Cholodenko (director) / 2010 [film]

Kiki Hanns Kräly (screenplay, based on the original play by André Picard as adapted into English by David Belasco), Clarence Brown (director) / 1926 [film]

Kiki Sam Taylor (screenplay, based on a play by André Picard as adapted into English by David Belasco), Sam Taylor (director) / 1931 [film]

King Kelly of the U.S.A. David Silverstein and Leonard Fields (screenplay, based on a story by George C. Betholon and Howard Higgin), Leonard Fields (director) / 1934 [film]

King Klunk Manuel Moreno, Lester Kline, Fred Kopietz, Charles Hastings, and Ernest Smythe (animation), Walter Lantz (director) / 1933 [animated movie]

King of Life (see Az Élet királya)

变脸 Bian Lian (The King of Masks) Wei Minglun (screenplay, based on a story by Chen Wengui), Wu Tianming (director) / 1996, USA 1999 [film]

The Kingdom of Heaven (see Au Royaume des cieux)

Kinsey Bill Condon (screenwriter and director) / 2004 [film]

The Kiss Eadweard Muybridge (photographer) / 1887 [moving photograph]

Kiss and Make-Up Harlan Thompson (based on the play by István Békeffy (screenplay and director) / 1934 [film]

The Kiss Before the Mirror William Anthony McGuire (screenplay, based on the play by Ladislas Fodor), James Whale (director) / 1933 [film]

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Shane Black (screenplay and direction) / 2005 [film]

Kiss Me (see Bésame)

Kiss Me, Guido Tony Vitale (writer and director) / 1997 [film]

Kiss Me Softly (see Kus me zachtjes)

Kiss of the Spider Woman (see O Beijo da Mulher Aranha)

The Kiss on the Cliff  Reid Waterer (writer and director) / 1993 [short film]

Kisses for Kevin Juan Sebastián Valencia (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

The Kite (see Dragen)

Kitty and the Cowboys Frederick A. Thomson (director) / 1911 [short film]

Knife in the Water (see Nóz w wodzie)

Knight Without Armour Lajos Bíró and Frances Marion (screenplay, based on the fiction by James Hilton), Arthur Wimperis (additional dialogue), Jacques Feyder (director) / 1937 [film]

Know Thy Wife Walter Graham (screenwriter), Al Christie (director) / 1918 [short film]

Kolorowy Obrazek (Colorful Picture) Karol Chwierut, Adrianna Fal, Ewelina Hamulczuk, and Jakub Ormaniec (screenplay), Karol Chwierut (director) / 2020 [short film]

Die Konsequenz (The Consequence) Alexander Ziegler and Wolfgang Petersen (screenplay), Wolfgang Petersen (director) / 1977 [film]

Der Kreis (The Circle) Stefan Haupt, Christian Felix, Ivan Madeo, Urs Frey (writers), Stefan Haupt (director) / 2014 [documentary film]

Kus me zachtjes (Kiss Me Softly) Anthony Schatteman (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

L. A. Story Steve Martin (screenplay), Mick Jackson (director) / 1991 [film]

La’ os være (Leave Us Alone) Carsten Nielsen and Lasse Nielsen (screenplay), Ernst Johansen and Lasse Nielsen (directors) / 1975 [film]

Ladies’ Skirts Nailed to a Fence James Bamforth (director) / 1899 [short film]

Ladies They Talk About Brown Holmes, William McGrath, and Sidney Sutherland (screenplay based on the stage play  Gangstress, or Women in Prison by Dorothy Mackaye and Carlton Miles), Howard Bretherton and William Keighley (directors) / 1933 [film]

The Lads of the Village Kenelm Foss (scenario, based on the stage musical), Harry Lorraine (director) / 1919 [film]

Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill Lanie Robertson (writer), Lonny Price (director) / 2016 [TV movie of stage performance]

Lady Killer Ben Markson and Lillie Hayward (screenplay based on a story by Rosalind Keating Shaffer), Roy Del Ruth (director) / 1933 [film]

Lady Killer (see Gueule d’Amour)

Lady Madcap’s Way (see Jugend und Tollheit)

Lady of the Pavements Sam Taylor (screenplay, based on a story by Karl Vollmoller), D. W. Griffith (director) / 1929 [film]

Ladyman Stéphane Marti (director) / 1976 [short film]

Land of Storms (see Viharsarok)

The Language of Love Kim Ho (screenplay) Laura Scrivano (director) / 2013 [short film]

Laokoon & Söhne (Laocoön & Sons) | Ulrike Ottinger (screenwriter, based on a text by Chiquita Brook [Xavier Arrovuelo] and Ottinger, and director) / 1972-73, premiered 1975 [short film]

Lasagna Attacks Phyllis Rosenzweig, Jane Livingston, and the Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington, D.C. / 1976, 1978 [personal memory]

Last Call Nick Corporon, Johnny B. Dunn, and Gareth Dutton (screenplay), Nick Corporon (director) / 2009 [short film]

The Last Party Riccardo Angelucci and Sophia Ohler (screenplay), Riccard Angelucci (director) / 2017 [short film]

Last Full Show Mark V. Reyes (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [short film]

The Last Laugh (see Der letzte Mann)

Last Spring François Reichenbach (writer and director) / 1954 [short film]

Last Summer Mark Thiedeman (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [film]

The Last Summer William Stead (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Late Summer David Ottenhouse (screenwriter and director) / 2001 [short film]

John Latouche (see Kenward Elmslie)

Laura Jay Dratler, Samuel Hoffenstein, and Betty Reinhardt (screenplay, based on the novel by Vera Caspary), Otto Preminger (director) / 1944 [film]

Lavender Matthew Puccini (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Law of  Desire (see Le ley del deseo)

Laws of Love (see Gesetze der Liebe)

Sidney Lawrence (see Sidney Lawrence’s Cocktail Party)

Lawyer Man Rian James and James Seymour (screenplay, based on the book by Max Trell), William Dieterle (director) / 1932 [film]

The Leading Lady Allen Johnston (scenario), Ned Finley (director) / 1911 [film]

Leanne Is Gone Jesse James Rice (screenplay), Bryan Scot Cooper (director, with Annie K. McVey) / 2013 [short film]

The Least Untrue Gabriel Shanks (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

Leather Narcissus Avery Willard (screenwriter and director) / 1967 [short film]

Leave of Absence (see Shabaton)

Leave Us Alone (see La’ os være)

Leche con Cereal Robert Gauldin and Bryan Berrios (screenwriters and directors) / 2022 [short film]

Leda (see À double tour)

Legodimo le kopana le lefatshe (see Heaven Reaches Down to Earth)

Dick Leitsch, GayRights Leader, Dies June 15, 2018 [gay history/obituary]

A Lesson in Music Marianne Hauser (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1964) [short fiction]

Let It Flow (see Dejá que fluya)

Let Me Die a Woman Doris Wishman (writer and director) / 1977 [documentary]

Let Us Be Gay Rachel Crothers (screenplay, with additional dialogue by Lucille Newmark, based on the stage play by Crothers), Robert Z. Leonard (director) / 1930 [film]

The Letter (Der Brief) Evan Randall Green (screenplay),  Evan Randall Green (director) / 2008 [short film]

Der letzte Mann (The Last Laugh) Carl Mayer (screenplay), F. W. Murnau (director) / 1924 [film]

Le ley del deseo (Law of  Desire) Pedro Almodóvar (screenwriter and director) / 1987 [film]

José Lezama Lima (Cuba) 1910-1976 [poet]

The Liberation of the Mannique Mechanique Steven Arnold (director) / 1967 [short film]

Liberty Leo McCarey (screenwriter and director) / 1929 [film]

Liebe ist kälter als der Tod (Love Is Colder Than Death) |  Rainer Werner Fassbinder (screenwriter and director) / 1969 [film]

Das Liebes-ABC (The ABC of Love) Martin Jørgensen and Louis Levy (screenplay), Magnus Stifter (director) / 1916 [film]

Life According to Luc (see La vie selon Luc)

The Life of Juanita Castro Ronald Tavel (writer and on-stage director), Andy Warhol (director) / 1965 [film]

The Life of the Party Darryl F. Zanuck and Arthur Caesar (screenplay), Roy Del Ruth (director) / 1930 [film]

The Lighthouse Robert Eggers and Max Eggers (screenplay), Robert Eggers (director) / 2019 [film]

Lighthouse Love Michael Delmer (director) / 1932 [short film]

Lightning Bugs in a Jar Robert Ian Simpson (screenplay), Robert Ian Simpson and Sara Wolkowitz (directors) / 2015 [short film]

Lilies (Les Feluettes)

Like a Brother Christopher Thell (screenplay), Alexandra T. Steele (director) / 2002 [short film]

Lillian’s Dilemma George Ridgwell (screenplay), Wilfrid North (director) / 1914 [short film]

轻轻摇晃 (Qīngqīng yáohuàng) (Lilting) Hong Khaou (screenplay and director) / 2014 [film]

Lingua Franca Isobel Sandoval (writer and director) / 2019, general release 2020 [film]

Lions in Waiting Jason Karman (screenplay and director) / 2017 [short film]

Lipstick Arthur Gay (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Listen Liang Hu (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

Little Boy Blues John McCrite (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [short film]

Little Caesar Francis Edward Faragoh, Robert N. Lee, Robert Lord, and Darryl F. Zanuck (screenplay, based on the book by W.R. Burnett), Mervyn LeRoy (director) / 1931 [film]

The Little Giant Robert Lord and Wilson Mizner (screenplay), Roy Del Ruth (director) / 1933 [film]

The Little King: Marching Along Oscar E. Soglow (writer of original comic strip), Vernon Stallings and James Tyler (directors) / 1933 [short animated film]

Little Men Ira Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias (screenplay), Ira Sachs (director) / 2016 [film]

Little Miss Hawkshaw Carl Harbaugh (screenwriter and director) / 1921 [film]

Little Old New York Luther Reed (screenplay based on the play by Rida Johnson Young), Sidney Olcott (director) / 1923 [film]

Little Women Greta Gerwig (writer, based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott, and director) / 2019 [film]

Live to Tell Jansen Franklin (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

The Living Dead Girl (see La morte vivante)

The Living End Gregg Araki (writer and director) / 1992 [film]

Jane Livingston (see Lasagna Attacks Phyllis Rosenzweig, Janes Livingston, and the Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington, D.C.)

Lloyd Trae Whyte (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

The Lodger: The Story of the London Fog Eliot Stannard (screenplay, based on a novel and play by Marie Bellec Lowndes), Alfred Hitchcock (director) / 1927 [film]

Loev Sudhanshu Saria (screenwriter and director) / 2015, USA 2017 [film]

Lola Peter Marthesheimer, Pea Frohlich, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder (screenplay), Rainer Werner Fassbinder (director) / 1981 [film]

Lolita (see (see "Holden, Lolita, and Malcolm: Three Children of the 1950s and Adult Predation")

Lonesome Bridge Samantha Marazita and Brian Rowe (screenwriters), Brian Rowe (director) / 2005 [short film]

The Long Day Closes Terence Davies (screenwriter and director) / 1992 [film]

Longe de Cuidade (Far from the City) Victor Luvi (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

Longtime Companion Craig Lucas (screenplay), Norman René (director) / 1989 [film]

Look Me Over Bruce Bellas (Bruce of Los Angeles) (director) / c. late 1950s [short film]

Look Sharp Amy Gebhardt (screenwriter and director) / 2006 [short film]

Los que odian la navidad (The Ones Who Hate Christmas) Roberto Pérez Toledo (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Lose Your Head Patrick Schuckmann (screenplay), Stefan Westerwelle and Patrick Schuckmann (directors) / 2013 [film]

Losing Your Flames Sara York (screenplay, based on a story by Mikel Ledesma), Mikel Ledesma (director) / 2014 [short film]

Lost and Found Lukas Liedig and Benjamin Ali (screenwriters), Lukas Liedig (director) / 2020 [short film]

Lost Angel Derek Efrain Villanueva (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

Lost in Expression Bruno Rose (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Lost in Paradise (see Hot boy nổi loạn và câu chuyện về thằng Cười, cô gái điếm và con vịt)

The Lost Language of Cranes Sean Mathias (screenplay, based on the novel by David Leavitt), Nigel Finch (director) /1991, 1992 general British TV release [TV movie]

Lost Years Alejandro Beltrán and Samuel García (screenplay), Alejandro Beltrán (director) / 2016 [short film]

Lot in Sodom James Sibley Watson and Melville Webber (directors, with a story based on Biblical passages) / 1933 [film]

Louder than Words Julio Dowansingh (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

The Love (see El Houb)

Love (My Name Is Love) David Färdmar (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [short film]

Love and Deaf Adam Baran (screenwriter and director) | 2004, 2005 general release [short film]

Love and Death on Long Island Richard Kwietniowski (screenwriter, based on the book by Gilbert Adair, and director) / 1997 [film]

Love and Science (see Amour et science)

Love Bite Craig Boreham (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [short film]

Love Circle (see Metti, una sera a cena

Love, Death, & Cars Broderick Fox (screenwriter and director) / 1999 [short film]

Love in Brisbane Christie Viggers (screenplay), Christie Viggers and Dale Norton (directors) / 2015 [short film]

Love Is a Hand Grenade Jessica Benhamou (screenplay and director) / 2021 [short film]

Love Is Colder Than Death (see Liebe ist kälter als der Tod)

Love Is Strange Ira Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias (screenplay), Ira Sachs (director) / 2014 [film]

Love of Man (see Amor de Hombre)

The Love Romance of the Girl Spy Gene Gauntier (screenplay), Sidney Olcott (director) / 1910 [short film]

Love, Simon Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger (screenplay, based on the novel by Becky Albertalli), Greg Berlanti (director) / 2018 [film]

Love Trio (see Trío Amoroso)

The Love Within Corey Ziemniak (screenwriter and director) / 2006 [short film]

Love You Tyler Ari Itkin and Devon Diffenderfer (screenwriters and directors) / 2019 [short film]

Lovely Faggot Falk Steinborn (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

L.T.R. Phillip J. Bartell (screenwriter and director) / 2002 [short film]

Lúbtha (Queer) Ethan McDowell (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Lucky Blue Håkon Liu (screenwriter and director) / 2007 [short film]

Lucky Fish Emily May Jampel (screenwriter and director) / 2022 [short film]

The Lucky Texan Robert N. Bradbury (screenwriter and director) / 1934 [film]

Ludwig Luchino Visconti, Enrico Medioli, and Suso Cecchi d'Amico (screenplay), Luchino Visconti (director) / 1973 [film]

Ludwig der Zweite, König von Bayern: Das Schecksal eines Menschen (Ludwig II, King of Bavaria: One Man’s Fate) William Dieterle and Charlotte Hagenbruch (screenplay), William Dieterle (director) / 1930 [film]

El lugar sin limites (Hell Has No Limits) José Donoso, translated into English by Suzanne Jill Levine (Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1995/ Los Angeles: Green Integer, 1999) [fiction]

El lugar sin limites (Hell without Limits) José Donoso (screenplay based on his fiction), Arturo Ripstein (director) / 1978 [film]

Lulu Alban Berg (libretto, based on Frank Wedekind’s Der Erdgeist and Die Büche der Pandora, and composer), William Kentridge (stage director), Matthew Diamond (director) / 2015 [HD Opera]

Lycanthrophobia Matt Pelfrey (screenplay), Harry Victor (director) / 1998 [short film]

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Ruben Santiago-Hudson (screenplay, based in the play by August Wilson), George C. Wolfe (director) / 2020 [film]

Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink) Alain Berliner and Chris Vander Stappen (screenplay), Alain Berliner (director) / 1997 [film]

Maacher Jhol (The Fish Curry) Abhishek Verma (screenplay, based on a story by Verma and Jayesh Bhosale, and director) / 2017 [short film]

Mabel’s Blunder Mabel Normand (screenwriter and director) / 1914 [short film]

Machopojkar (Shower Boys) Albin Abrahamsson and Christian Zetterberg (screenplay), Christian Zetterberg (director) / 2021 [short film]

Madalena Tiago Coelho, Thiago Gallego, Madiano Marcheti, Thiago Ortman, and Helena Vieira (screen-play), Madiano Marcheti (director) / 2021 [film]

Madame Stéphane Riethauser (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [autobiographical documentary]

Madame Behave F. McGrew Willis (scenario, based on Madame Lucy by Jean Arlette), Scott Sidney (director) / 1925 [film]

Madame X - Eine absolute Herrscherin (Madame X: An Absolute Ruler) Ulrike Ottinger (screenplay), Tabea Blumenschein and Ulrike Ottiger (directors) / 1978 [film]

Mädchen in Uniform (Girls in Uniform) Chrissta Winsloe and Friedrich Dammann (screenplay, based on a play by Winsloe) Leontine Sagan (director) / 1931 [film]

Mädchen in Uniform Franz Höllering and Friedrich Dammann (screenplay, based on the play by Christa Winsloe), Géza von Radványi (director) / 1958 [film]

Madonna and Child Terence Davies (screenwriter and director) / 1980 [short film]

Madres paralelas (Parallel Mothers) Pedro Almodóvar (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [film]

Magic Mummy Vernon Stallings, Frank Tashlin, and James Tyer (animators), John Foster and Vernon Stallings (directors) / 1933 [animated movie]

Magico Juan Sebastián Valencia (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Magnetic Harvest (see La traction des poles)

Mahal Kita 1941 (I Love You) (see Aishite Imasu 1941 (愛しています))

Mahlgeit (Dinner) Simon Maria Kubiena (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Le maillot de bain (The Swimming Trunks) Mathilde Bayle (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

Make the Yuletide Gay Rob Williams (screenwriter and director) / 2009 [film]

Making a Man of Her Al Christie (screenwriter and director) / 1912 [short film]

Making a Scene Madison Hatfield and Jono Mitchell (screenplay), Jono Mitchell (director) / 2023 [short film]

Making Love Barry Sandler (screenplay, based on a story by A. Scott Berg), Arthur Hiller (director) / 1982 [film]

La mala educación (Bad Education) Pedro Almodóvar (screenplay and director) / 2004 [film]

Mala Noche Gus Van Sant (screenplay, based on Mala Noche: And Other "Illegal" Adventures by Walt Curtis, and director) / 1986 [film]

En malas compañías (Doors Cut Down) Antonio Hens (screenwriter and director) / 2000 [short film]

Malcolm (see (see "Holden, Lolita, and Malcolm: Three Children of the 1950s and Adult Predation")

Male Affection (see Atracción)

Male and Female Jeanie MacPherson (screenplay, based on the play The Admirable Crichton by J. M. Barrie), Cecil B. DeMille (director) / 1919 [film]

Male Nudes (see Nus masculins)

The Maltese Falcon Brown Holmes, Maude Fulton, and Lucien Hubbard (screenplay, based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett), Roy Del Ruth (director) / 1931 [film]

The Maltese  Falcon John Huston (screenplay, based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett), John Huston (director) / 1941 [film]

The Man Crush Richard Louprasong (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

The Man I Love (see L'Homme que j'aime)

Man in the Mirror Treviny Marie Colon (writer), Joel Schumacher (director) / 2011 [short film]

A Man of No Importance Barry Devlin (screenplay), Suri Krishnamma (director) / 1994 [film]

The Man of the Sea (see L'Homme du large)

The Man That Got Away Trevor Anderson (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

The Man Who Came to Dinner Julius J. Epstein and Philip G. Epstein (screenplay, based on the play by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman), William Keighley (director) / 1942 [film]

The Man Who Fell to Earth Paul Mayersberg (screenplay, based on the fiction by Walter Tevis), Nicolas Roeg (director) / 1976 [film]

The Manchurian Candidate George Axelrod (screenplay, based on a novel by Richard Condon), John Frankenheimer (director) / 1962 [film]

Mandragora Wiktor Grodecki and David Svec (screenplay), Wiktor Grodecki (director) / 1997 [film]

Manhattan Parade Houston Branch and Robert Lord (screenplay, based on a play by Samuel Shipman),  Lloyd Bacon (director) / 1931 [film]

Manila in the Claws of Light (see Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag)

Manly Pursuits: The Sporting Images of Thomas Eakins Ilene Fort, curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, July 25-October 17, 2010 [art/painting]

A Man’s Girlfriend (see Aus eines Mannes Mädchenjahren)

Manslaughter Jeanie MacPherson (screenplay, based on the novel by Alice Duer Miller), Cecil B. DeMille (director) / 1922 [film]

Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium Britt Salvesen and Paul Martineau curators / the show was co-produced by to Los Angeles museums, The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center and The Los Angeles County Museum of Art [art / personal memoir]

Los marcados (They Call Him Marcado) Antonio Aguila, Ricardo Garibay and Mario Hernández (screenplay), Alberto Mariscal (director) / 1971 [film]

Marco Saleem Haddad (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Marianne Hauser “War Against Death” [fiction]

Mario Banana #1 Andy Warhol (director) / 1964 [short film]

Mario Banana #2 Andy Warhol (director) / 1964 [short film]

Mariposas Verdes (Green Butterflies) Katalina Boham, Gustavo Nieto Roa, Mauricio Pichardo, and Idania Velesquez Luna (screenplay), Gustavo Nieto Roa (director) / 2017 [film]

The Mark of Zorro Eugene Miller and Douglas Fairbanks (scenario, based on the story by Johnston McCulley), Fred Niblo (director) / 1920 [film]

The Mark of Zorro John Taintor Foote (screenplay, based on the original story by Johnston McCulley as rewritten by Garrett Fort and Bess Meredyth), Rouben Mamoulian (director) / 1940 [film]

The Mark of Zorro Brian Taggart (teleplay, based on the screenplay by John Taintor Foote and the original story by Johnston McCulley), Don McDougall (director) / 1974 [ television film]

Marsden Hartley: The German Paintings 1913-1915 Dieter Scholz, (curator), catalogue ed, with essays by Ilene Susan Fort, Thomas W. Gehtgens, Kaitlyn Hogue Mellini, Alexis Pooth, Bruce Robertson, Thomas Weißbrich, and Cornelia Wieg / Berlin: Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art / The show I saw was at LACMA from August 3 to November 30, 2014 [art]

Mary’s Little Lamb Shamus Culhane and Al Eugster (animators) / 1935 [animated film]

Masculin Féminin: 15 fraits précis (Masculine Feminine: 15 Specific Events) Jean-Luc Godard (screenwriter and director) / 1966 [film]

The Masked Mannequin (see Der Fürst von Pappenheim)

Masquerade (see Egúngún)

The Master Paul Thomas Anderson (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [film]

Mass Appeal Bill C. Davis (screenplay, based on his own play), Glenn Jordan (director) | 1984 [film]

The Matador Richard Shepard (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [film]

Le Matela alcolique (The Drunken Mattress) Alice Guy (Blaché) and Romeo Bosetti / 1906 [short film]

The Matinee Idol Elmer Harris (screenplay, adapted from a work by Robert Lord and Ernest S. Pagano; with continuity by Peter Milne), Frank Capra (director) / 1928, restored 1997 [film]

The Matrimonial Bed André Mouézy-Éon and the English language adaptation by Seymour Hicks), Michael Curtiz (director) / 1930 [film]

Matroos (Sailor) Bavo Defurne (screenwriter and director) / 1997 [short film]

Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine Michele Josue (director) / 2015 [documentary film]

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (composer), Matthew Bourne (director and choreographer) / 2019 [ballet]

Maurice Kit Hesketh-Harvey and James Ivory (screenplay, based on E. M. Forster’s fictional bildingsroman Maurice) James Ivory (director) / 1987 [film]

Max Jono Mitchell (screenplay), Kristina Arjona (director) / 2020 [short film]

Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag (Manila in the Claws of Light) Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr (screenplay, based on the fiction by Edgardo M. Reyes), Lino Brocka (director) / 1975 [film]

Claude McKay (USA) 1889-1948 [poet]

Me & My Mom Marianne Hauser (Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1993) [fiction]

Meet Joe Gay Benjamin Morgan (screenwriter and director) / 2000 [short semi-documentary film]

Meet Me at the Fountain Sigmund Lubin (screenplay and director) / 1904 [short film]

Meet Up Mark Abramowitz (screenplay, based on a story by Dan O’Connor), Mark Abramowitz (director) / 2017 [short film]

The Meeting Francesca Root and Max Brown (screenplay, based on an idea by Root and Mariano Rodriquez Ingold), Mariano Rodriguez Ingold (director) / 2020 [short film]

La meilleure façon de marcher (The Best Way to Walk) Claude Miller (screenwriter and director) / 1976 [film]

Meltdown Mike and George Kuchar / 2012 [short film]

The Memoirs of the Late Mr. Ashley Marianne Hauser (Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1986) [fiction]

The Memory of You (see Minnet av dig)

Men and Women (see 男男女女 (Nánnán nǚnǚ)

Οι άντρες δεν κλαίνε (Men Don’t Cry) Giannis Tsiros (screenplay), Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis (director) / 2001 [short film]

Meninos Tristes (Blue Boys) Daniel Castilhos (teleplay and director) / 2016 [short TV series]

Ménage (see Tenue de soirée)

Le Ménage moderne du Madame Butterfly Bernard Natan (writer; based on the play by David Belasco and the opera by Giacomo Puccini with libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa; and director) / 1920 [film]

O menino e o vento (The Boy and the WindCarlos Hugo Christensen, Millor Fernandes, and Anibal Machado (writers), Carlos Hugo Christensen (director) / 1967 [film]

The Men’s Room Erik Clemensen (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

The Men's Room Jane Pickett (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film] 

The Men’s Room 2 Erik Clemensen (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Le méprise Léon Beaulieu (publisher, based on film images by Georges Méliès) / 1896-1901 [Flipbook #17]

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (see Senjō no Merī Kurisumasu)

Douglas Messerli (USA) [poetry]

Metti, una sera a cena (Love Circle) Dario Argento and Carlo Carunchio (screenplay, based on the play by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi), Giuseppe Patroni Griffi (director) / 1969 [film]

Mi Hermano (My Brother) Miguel Lafuente (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Mia thesi ston ilio (A Place in the Sun) Constantine Giannaris (screenwriter and director) / 1995 [short film]

Michael (see Mikaël)

Michael Joseph Jason John Scott T. Hinson (screenwriter and director) / 2018 [short film]

Michael Lost and Found Benjie Nycum and Daniel Wilner (directors) / 2017 [film]

Midnight Cowboy Waldo Salt (screenplay, based on the novel by James Leo Herily) John Schlesinger (director) / 1969 [film]

Midnight Express Oliver Stone (screenplay, based on the book by Billy Hayes and William Hoffer), Alan Parker (director) / 1978 [film]

Midwife to the Upper Class (see Sage femme de première Classe)

Mighty Mouse Meets Jekyll and Cat Hyde John Foster and Tom Morrison (writers), Mannie Davis (director) / 1944 [cartoon film]

Mikaël (Michael) Carl Theodore Dreyer and Thea von Harbou (screenplay, based on a novel by Herman Bang), Carl Theodor Dreyer (director) / 1924 [film]

Mila Caos Fabián Suarez and Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau (screenplay), Simon(è) Jaikiriuma Paetau (director) / 2011 [short film]

Miles Nathan Adloff, Justin D.M. Palmer (writers), Nathan Adloff (director) / 2017 [film]

Military School Initiation Robert Henry Mizer (screenwriter and director) / 1963 [film]

Milk Dustin Lance Black (screenplay), Gus Van Sant (director) / 2008 [film]

Millie Charles Kenyon and Ralph Morgan (screenplay, based on the novel by Donald Henderson Clarke), John Francis Dillon (director) / 1931 [film]

Minnet av dig (The Memory of You) Nils Janlert (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Miracle on Sunset Boulevard Marc Heustis (director) / 1977 [short film]

Mirror Mirror John Trigg and John Winter (screenplay), John Winter (director) / 2008 [short film]

Miss Fatty’s Seaside Lovers Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (director) / 1915 [short film]

Miss Lonleyhearts Nathanael West (New York: Liveright, 1933) [fiction]

Miss Nobody George Marion, Jr. (intertitles, based on a story on a story by Tiffany Wells) Lambert Hillyer (director) / 1926 [film]

Mr. Sugar Daddy Dawid Ullgren (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Mobile Men Apichatpong Weerasethakul (director) / 2018 [short film]

Moby-Dick Gene Scheer (libretto) and Jake Heggie (composer) / Los Angeles, LAOpera, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, November 15, 2015 [opera]

A Modern Musketeer Allan Dwan (screenwriter, based on a story “D’Artagnan of Kansas” by E. P. Lyle, Jr, and director) / 1917 [film]

Mój koniec swiata (The End of My World) Kamil Krawczycki (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

Un moment... (A Moment) Didier Seynave (scenario) and Pierre Salvadori (adaptation and director) / 1996 [short film]

Mona’s Candle Light Filmmaker unknown / c. 1950 [short film]

Monsieur Beaucaire Forrest Halsey (scenario, based on the fiction by Booth Tarkington and the play by Tarkington and Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland), Sidney Olcott (director)/ 1924 [film]

The Monster Willard Mack and Albert Kenyon (screenplay, based on the story by Crane Wilbur), Roland West (director) / 1925 [film]

Monte Carlo Ernest Vajda and Hans Müller-Einigen (screenplay, based loosely on the fiction by Booth Tarkington and the play by Booth Tarkington and Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland), Ernst Lubitsch (director) / 1930 [film]

Monte Hanson and Tony Gallo Bob Mizer (director) / 1964 [short film]

Mooie Alexander (Beautiful Alexander) Marc Wagenaar (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Moonlight Barry Jenkins (screenplay, based on a play and story by Tarell Alvin McCraney, and director) / 2016 [film]

Moonlight and Pretzels Monte Brice and Sig Herzig (screenplay based on a story by Monte Brice and Arthur L. Jarrett), Karl Freund (director) / 1933 [film]

More Than He Knows Chris McNeany (screenplay), Fiona Dawson (director) / 2019 [short film]

Mormor’s Visit Casper Andreas (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [short film]

Morning Is Broken Simon Anderson (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Morocco Jules Furthman (screenplay, based on a novel by Benno Vigny), Josef von Sternberg (director) / 1930 [film]

Morrer Como Um Homem (To Die Like a Man) João Pedro Rodrigues, Rui Catalão, and João Rui Guerra da Mata (screenplay), João Pedro Rodrigues (director) / 2009 [film]

Morte a Venezia