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Index of All Posts (alphabetical by title)

INDEX OF ALL POSTS (alphabetical by title) 

Aaron Shurin:Postmodern Romantic [biography/personal memory]

Ace of Pentacles John Wieners (New York: James F. Carr and Robert A. Wilson, 1964) [poetry]

After Noon Koo Chia Meng (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men Humphrey Pearson and Edward Kaufman (screenplay, based on a play by Joseph Kesselring) Mark Sandrich (director) / 1933 [film]

A.I.D.S.C.R.E.A.M Jerry Tartaglia (director) / 1988 [film]

Aishite Imasu 1941 (愛しています) / Mahal Kita 1941 (I Love You) Ricardo Lee (screenplay) Joel Lamangan (director) / 2004 [film]

Alan Turing: The Enigma Andrew Hodges (author) / 1983, 2014 [biography]

Albert Herring Eric Crozier (text, based on a story by Guy de Maupassant), Benjamin Britten (composer) / Los Angeles, LAOpera, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, March 11, 2012 [opera]

Alirón Adrià Llauró (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

 Alkali, Iowa Mark Christopher (screenwriter and director) / 1995 [film]

Anochecer (Nightfall) Lucas Mac Dougall (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

Andělé nejsou andělé (Not Angels but Angels) Wiktor Grodecki (writer and director) / 1994 [film]

Anders als du und ich (§175) (Different from You and Me) a.k.a Bewildered Youth  Felix Lützkendorf and Hans Giese (screenplay and advisors), Viet Harlan (director) / 1957 [film]

憚り天使 (Angel in the Toilet) | Kōichi Imaizumi (screenwriter and director) | 1999 [film]

Anthem Marlon T. Riggs (director) / 1991 [film]

Antignón, un contigente épico Rogelio Orizondo (text, with dramaturgy by Orizondo and Carlos Díaz) / Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater), March 15, 2017  [performance art / drama]

Anything Once Dan Aeberhard (screenwriter and director) / 1998 [film]

I apostasi anamesa ston ourano ki emas (The Distance Between Us and the Sky)  Vasilis Kekatos (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Arias with a Twist Joey Arias (performer), Basil Twist (director) / Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) at The Walt Disney Concert Hall, November 21, 2009 [drag performance]

John Ashbery (see A Dinner Party with John Ashbery)

Ask Father H. M. Walker (screenplay), Hal Roach (director) / 1919 [short film]

Assunto de Familia (Family Affair) Caru Alves de Souz (screenwriter and director) / 2011 [short film]

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas Gertrude Stein / 1933 [autobiography / fiction]

Aztec Bondage Robert Henry Mizer (director) / 1959 [film]

Baby Clothes Hal Roach (screenplay), Robert F. McGowan (director) / 1926 [short film]

Don Bachardy (see Dinner with Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, Los Angeles / c. 1986)

Back Stage Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1919 [film]

The Ballad of John Latouche: An American Lyricist’s Life and Work Howard Pollack (author) / 2017 [biography]

Le Beau Serge (Handsome Serge) Claude Chabrol (screenwriter and director) / 1958 [film]

Bed of Roses Wanda Tuchock, Gregory LaCava, and Eugene Thackrey (screenplay), Gregory LaCava (director) [film] 

Le bel indifférent Jean Cocteau (writer, based on his stage play), Jacques Demy (director) / 1958 [short film]

Bent Martin Sherman / Los Angeles, Mark Taper Forum / the performance I saw with Howard Fox was the August 23, 2015 [drama]

Beyond the Fields (see Passer les Champs)

Billie Holiday Centennial Concert Joey Arias / Los Angeles, Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) at Disney Hall / November 19, 2015 [performance]

The Bitter Half Toby Olson / 2006 [fiction]

Blood Money Rowland Brown and Speed Kendall (screenplay, the later uncredited) with Hal Long (continuity), Rowland Brown (director) / 1933 [film]

Blue Moon Emily Ruhl (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Body without Soul (see Tělo bez duše

Boot Camp Marco Martinez-Galarce (composer) John Scott Matthews (screenwriter, lyricist, and director) / 1996 [short film]

Boulevard René Barjavel and Julien Duvivier (screenplay), Julien Duvivier (director) / 1960 [film]

Boven is het stil (see The Twin)

Boy Meets Boy Daniel Sánchez López and Hannah Renton (screenplay), Daniel Sánchez López (director) / 2021 [film]

The Boy Next Door Gregor Schmidinger (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [short film]

The Broadway Melody Edmund Goulding (screenplay, with dialogue by Norman Houston and James Gleason, continuity by Sarah Y. Mason), Harry Beaumont (director) / 1929 [film]

Broadway Thru a Keyhole | C. Graham Baker, Gene Towne, and Walter Winchell (screenplay), Lowell Sherman (director) / 1933 [film]

Broken Beat Gracie Otto (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [short film]

Brennendes Geheimmis (The Burning Secret) Frederick Kohner (screenplay, based on the fiction by Stefan Zweig), Alfred Polgar and Robert Siodmak (dialogue), Robert Siodmak (director) / 1933 [film]

Brewsie and Willie Gertrude Stein (New York: Random House, 1946) [dialogue fiction]

Brewsie and Willie Gertrude Stein, adapted by Marissa Chibas, Erik Ehn, and Travis Preston / performed at the 7th Floor Penthouse (533 S. Los Angeles Street), Los Angeles; the performance I saw was on Saturday, July 24, 2010  [drama]

Brotherly Love (see Bruderliebe

Bruderliebe (Brotherly Love) Marcus Schwenzel (screenwriter and director) / 2009 [short film]

The Burning Secret (see Brennendes Geheimmis

The Butcher Boy Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1917 [film]

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer (writers), Robert Wiene (director) / 1920 [film]

Cadavers Néstor Perlongher (Cardboard House Press, 2018) [poetry]

Call Your Father Justin Firstman (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Captain of the Bible Quiz Team Tom Jacobson / presented by Rogue Machine Theatre, , Los Angeles, Lutheran Church of the MasterAugust 28, 2016 [drama]

Carl Van Vechten Photographs: A Selection [art/photography]

Cathedral Ronald Chase (director) / 1971 [short film]

Celebration of our (Douglas Messerli and Howard N. Fox) 30th Anniversary by the Modern and Contemporary Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, February 6, 2000 [social event]

Chasing Rainbows Wells Root (screenplay, with dialogue and additional scenes by Bess Meredyth, Al Boasberg, Kenyon Nicholson, and Charles Reisner [based on the story “Road Show” by Robert Hopkins and Bess Meredyth]), Charles Reisner (director) / 1930 [film]

Au Château d'Argol  (The Castle of Argol) / 1938, 1951 (English translation) [fiction]

The Cheaters aka Youthful Sinners (see Les Tricheurs)

Chickens in Turkey Marcel Perez (screenwriter and director) / 1919 [short film]

Children Terence Davies (screenwriter and director) / 1976 [short film]

A Chump at Oxford Charley Rogers, Felix Adler, and Harry Langdon (screenplay), Arthur J. Goulding (director) / 1939, released 1940 [film]

La Chute de la maison Usher (The Fall of the House of Usher) Jean Epstein (screenwriter and director, based on the story by Edgar Allen Poe) / 1928 [film]

City of Night John Rechy / 1963 [fiction]

The Clever Mrs. Carfax Gardner Hunting (screenplay, based on a story by Hector Turnbull), Donald Crisp (director) / 1917 [lost film]

Closet Case Wrik Mead (writer and director) / 1995 [short film]

Clifford’s Blues John A. Williams / 1999 [fiction / personal memory]

Club des femmes Jacques Deval (screenwriter and director) / 1936 [film]

The Collected Poems of Marsden Hartley Marsden Hartley / 1987 [poetry]

The Collection Harold Pinter / the 1967 television production by Granada Television with Lawrence Olivier, Alan Bates, Malcolm McDowell, and Helen Mirren [short drama]

Coney Island Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1917 [film]

The Countess Charming Gardner Hunting (screenplay, based on a story by Gelett Burgess and Carolyn Wells), Donald Crisp (director) / 1917 [lost film]

Cowboy Till Kleinert (screenwriter and director) / 2008 [short film]

Crossfire John Paxton (screenplay, based on a novel by Richard Brooks), Edward Dmytryk (director) / 1947 [film]

The Crystal Cup Gerald C. Duffy (screenplay, based on a novel by Gertrude Atherton), Mort Blumenstock (titles), John Francis Dillon / 1927 [lost film]

Cupid  Wrik Mead / 1998 [short film]

The Curse of the Un-Kissable Kid Mark Marchillo (screenwriter, based on a story by him and Matt Marr, and director) / 2013 [short film]

The Dark Side of Tomorrow a.k.a Just the Two of Us Jack Deerson, David Novik, and Barbara Peeters (screenplay), Barbara Peeters and Jack Deerson (directors) / 1970, 1975 [film]

Dear Friend Sophie Boyce (screenwriter and director, assisted by George Fox) / 2011 [short film]

Death and Transfiguration Terence Davies (screenwriter and director) / 1983 [short film]

Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes (see Vendrá la Muerte y Tendrá Tus Ojos)

Le Déclin de l'empire américain (The Decline of American Empire) Denys Arcand (screenwriter and director) / 1986 [film]

The Decline of American Empire (see Le Déclin de l'empire américain)

George Deem (see Random Encounters with George Deems)

Desert Fury Robert Rossen and A. I. Bezzerides (uncredited) (screenplay, based on a novel by Ramona Stewart), Lewis Allen (director) / 1947 [film]

The Desert Song Harvey Gates (screenplay, based on the musical by Otto A. Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II, nad Frank Mandel with music by Sigmund Romberg), Roy Del Ruth (director) / 1929 [film]

Deseo (Wish) Axel Barranco (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

André De Shields (see A Night with André De Shields)

Diary of a Shinjuku Thief (see 新宿泥棒日記 Shinjuku dorobō nikki)

Different from You and Me (see Anders als du und ich (§175))

A Dinner Party with John Ashbery, April 12, 2001 [personal memory]

Dinner with Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy. Los Angeles / c. 1986 [personal memory]

Discretion Tommy Garcia (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

The Distance Between Us and the Sky (see I apostasi anamesa ston ourano ki emas)

Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot! (see Se sei vivo spara)

The Doctor’s Horrible Experiment (see Le Testament du docteur Cordelier

Dr. Jerkyl’s Hide Warren Foster (writer), Friz Freleng (director) / 1954 [cartoon film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde George F. Fish and Luella Forepaugh (screenplay, adapted from their stage drama and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), Otis Turner, presumed director / 1908 [film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Thomas Sullivan (screenplay based on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson), Lucius Henderson (director) / 1912 [film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Clara Beranger (screenplay and intertitles, based on the play by Thomas Russell Sullivan and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson), John S. Robertson (director) / 1920 [film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Percy Heath (screenplay, based on Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), Rouben Mamoulian (director) / 1931 [film] 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde John Lee Mahin, Percy Heath, and Samuel Hoffenstein (based on the fiction by Robert Louis Stevenson), Victor Fleming (director) / 1941 [film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Gore Vidal (teleplay, adapted from the fiction by Robert Louis Stevenson), Allen Reisner (director) / 1955 [TV film]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse Joseph Barbara and William Hanna (writers and directors) / 1947 [cartoon film]

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde Brian Clemens (screenplay, based on the story by Robert Louis Stevenson), Roy Ward Baker (director) / 1971 [film]

Dois Homens ao Mar (Two Men by the Sea) Gabriel Motta (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Don Carlo Joseph Méry and Camille du Locle (libretto, based on Friedrich Schiller's Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien), Giuseppe Verdi (music) /  Metropolitan Opera HD broadcast, December 11, 2010 [opera]

Don't Run, Johnny Tom E. Brown (screenwriter and director) / 1997 [short film]

Don't Tell Everything Hal Roach (writer), Leo McCarey (director) / 1927 [film]

Doorman Etienne Kallos and Diana Fithian (screenplay, based on a story by Diana Fithian), Etienne Kallos,  director) / 2006 [short film]

Doors Cut Down (see En malas compañías

Double Exposure Peter de Rome (director) / 1969 [short film]

À double tour (Leda) Claude Chabrol (dialogue), Paul Gégauff (writer) (based on a novel by Stanley Ellin), Claude Chabrol (director) / 1959 [film]

The Drunken Mattress (see Le Matela alcolique)

Du er ikke alene (You Are Not Alone) | Lasse Nielsen and Bent Petersen (screenplay), Lasse Nielsen and Ernst Johansen (directors) / 1978 [film]

The Dude Wrangler Robert N. Lee (screenplay based on the novel by Caroline Lockhart, Richard Thorpe (director) / 1930 [lost film]

Le Duel d'Hamlet Clément Maurice (director, scene based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet) / 1900 [short film]

Early Adventures Matthew Bourne (choreographer) / Beverly Hill's Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, May 20, 2017 [dance]

Easy Robert Guthrie (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

Eaux d’Artifice Kenneth Anger (director) / 1953 [film]

The Eccentricities of a Nightingale Tennessee Williams / filmed version of a production show on television on Great Performances, June 16, 1976, directed by Glenn Jordan  [TV drama]

L'École de la chair (The School of Flesh) Jacques Fieschi (screenplay, based on a fiction by Yukio Mishima), Benoît Jacquot (director) / 1998 [film]

En el mismo Equipo (On the Same Team) Bonzo Villegas and Carlos Vilaró Nadal (screenwriters and directors) / 2014 [short film]

Enceinte ou lesbienne? (Pregnant or Lesbian) Françoise Decaux-Thomelet (screenwriter, based on a scenario by Pierre Guiho) Françoise Decaux-Thomelet (director)  / 1996 [film]

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Gus Van Sant (screenwriter, based on the novel by Tom Robbins, and director) / 1993 [film]

The Fall of the House of Usher James Sibley Watson, Jr. and Melville Webber (screenplay and directors, based on the story of Edgar Allen Poe) / 1928 [film]

The Fall of the House of Usher Curtis Harrington (director, based on the story by Edgar Allen Poe) / 1942 [film]

The Fall of the House of Usher Robert Esson (screenplay and adaptation, devised by Albert McCleery from the story “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allen Poe), Boris Sagal (director) / 1956 [television video]

The Fall of the House of Usher (see La Chute de la maison Usher)

Falsettos William Finn (music and lyrics), James Lapine (book) / Los Angeles, Third Street Theater, October 16, 2011 [musical drama]

Falsettos William Finn (music and lyrics) James Lapine (book) / directed by James Lapine at the Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles,  April 17, 2019 [musical drama]

Family Affair (see Assunto de Familia)

Family Outing Ben McCormack (screenwriter and director) / 2001 [short film]

Famous Father Girl: A Memoir of Growing Up Bernstein Jaimie Bernstein (New York: HarperCollins, 2018) [memoir]

Fast Workers Laurence Stallings (screenplay, with continuity by Karl Brown and Ralph Wheelwright, based on the play by John McDermott), Tod Browning (director, uncredited) / 1933 [film]

Fig Leaves Hope Loring and Louis D. Lighton (screenplay, based on a story by Howard Hawks), Howard Hawks (director) / 1926 [film]

Filip Nathalie Álvarez Mesén (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Finis terrae Jean Epstein (screenwriter and director) / 1929 [film]

The Fire: Collected Essays of Robin Blaser Robin Blaser (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006) [essays]

Firebird Peeter Rebane and Tom Prior (screenplay, based on the memoir by Sergey Fetisov), Peter Rebane (director) / 2021 [film]

First a Girl Marjorie Gaffney (screenplay, based on the film by Reinhold Schünzel), Victor Saville (director) / 1935 [film]

Flip the Frog—Soda Squirt Lee Blair, Shamus Culhane, Al Eugster, Grim Natwick and Irven Spence (animators) / 1933 [animated film]

Floozy Suzy (see Vagabunda de Meia Tigela)

A Football Thing Bruce Leddy (director), Mad TV episode 905 / 2003 [film]

For Heaven’s Sake Ted Wilde, John Grey, and Clyde Bruckman (screenplay and story), Sam Taylor (director) / 1926 [film]

Forsaken Frank Mosvold (screenwriter and director) / 1994 [short film]

42nd Street Hood Robert Henry Mizer (scenarist and director) / 1957 [film]

Fragment of Seeking Curtis Harrington (director) / 1946 [film]

Freedom for Us (see À Nous la Liberté)

Freddy Deborah Lawlor / Los Angeles, The Fountain Theatre, performed at the Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy’s Caminito Theatre, Frances Loy (director) / September 28, 2017 [dance, theater]

Der Fürst von Pappenheim (The Masked Mannequin) Robert Liebmann (screenplay, based on the operetta by Franz Robert Arold and Ernst Bach), Richard Eichberg (director) / 1927 [film]

Garçon chiffon (My Best Part) | Maud Ameline, Sophie Fillières, and Nicolas Maury (screenplay), Nicholas Maury (director) / 2020 [film]

The Garden of Secrets (see Las semanas del jardín)

Gay Artists in Modern American Culture: An Imagined Conspiracy Michael S. Sherry / 2007 [cultural history/gay studies]

Gay Berlin: Birthplace of a Modern Identity Robert Beachy / 2014 [cultural history / queer studies]

Gay USA Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. (director, with Frederick Schminke, Pat Rocco, Grant Smith, and Bill Moritz) / 1977 [documentary film]

¡Gaytino! Dan Guerrero (writer and performer) / East Los Angeles, East Los Angeles College, October 4, 2012 [performance / personal memory]

Gentleman Jigger Richard Bruce Nugent / (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Da Capo Press, 2008) [fiction]

The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams, Los Angeles, the Mark Taper Forum, October 17, 2010 [drama]

Glen or Glenda Ed Wood (screenplay and director) / 1953 [film]

Go Back to Where You Are David Greenspan / Los Angeles, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, August 14, 2016 [drama]

Go Set a Watchman Harper Lee / 2015 [fiction]

Good Night, Nurse! Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (screenwriter and director) / 1918 [short film]

The Gospel According to St. Matthew (see Il vangelo secondo Matteo)

Grandpa's Girl Gilbert Pratt (screenwriter and director) / 1924 [film]

Hamlet Erwin Gepard (screenplay, based on the book by Edward P. Vining), Sven Gade and Heinz Schall (directors) / 1921 [film]

Handjob Erik Patterson (author) / The Echo Theater Company, performing at Atwater Village Theater, Los Angeles / the performance I attended was on Sunday, September 8, 2019 [theater/drama]

Handsome Serge (see Le Beau Serge)

Hangover Square John Brahm (screenplay, based on the novel by Patrick Hamilton), John Brahm (director) / 1945 [film]

Marsden Hartley  (see The Collected Poems of Marsden Hartley)

                             (see Marsden Hartley: The German Paintings 1913-1915) 

Heartland Mark Christopher (screenwriter and director) / 2007 [short film]

Heaven on Earth (see Der Himmel auf Erden)

El hijo (The Son) Enrique De Tomás and Venci Kostov (screenplay), Venci Kostov (director) / 2012 [short film]   

Der Himmel auf Erden (Heaven on Earth) Reinhold Schünzel and Alfred Schirokauer (screenplay, based on the play Der Doppelmensch by Wilhelm Jacoby and Arthur Lippschitz), Alfred Schirokauer (director) / 1927 [film]  

Hips, Hips, Horray! Edward Kaufman, Bert Kalmar, and Harry Ruby (screenplay, music, and lyrics) Mark Sandrich (director) / 1934 [film]     

The Hollywood Revue of 1929 Al Boasberg, Robert E. Hopkins, and Joseph W. Farnham (screenplay), Charles Reisner (director) / 1929 [film]          

Hotel Death and Other Tales John Perreault / 1989 [fiction and biography]

House of Usher Richard Matheson (screenplay, based on the story “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allen Poe), Richard Corman (director) / 1960 [film]

Howard N. Fox and Douglas Messerli Were Married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on November 22, 2013 [personal memory]

The Hustler (see Der Puppenjunge)

Hyde and Go Tweet Warren Foster (writer), Friz Freleng (director) / 1959 [cartoon film]

Hyde and Hare Warren Foster (writer), Friz Freleng (director) / 1955 [cartoon film]

Hypanthium Sebastian Hernandez (choreographer) / Redcat (the Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theater) on January 24, 2019 [dance]

I Am Suzanne Edwin Justus Mayer (screenplay), Rowland V. Lee (director) / 1933 [film]

I Love You, I Don’t (see Je t’aime moi no plus)

Ihmiset suviyössä (People of the Summer Night) Lea Joutseno, Usko Kemppi, Valentin Vaala (screenplay, based on the novel by Frans Eemil Sillanpää), Valentin Vaala (director) / 1948 [film]

I’m Not Gay Martin Chichovski (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [film]

The Impatient Patient  Don Christensen (writer), Norman McCabe (director) / 1942 [cartoon film]

In Bruges Martin McDonagh (writer and director) / 2008 [film]

In Half Adam Tyree (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

In Masks Outrageous and Austere Tennessee Williams / New York City, Culture Project / May 6, 2012 [drama]

“In the Mood” Larry Rivers: What Did I Do?: The Unauthorized Autobiography / 1992 [autobiography/review]

In the Solitude of Cotton Fields Bernard-Marie Koltès (original text), Radosław Rychcik (director) / performed by The Stefan Zeromski Theatre, with music by the Natural Born Chillers / September 24, 2010 at Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney / CalAts Theater in the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex, Los Angeles [drama / performance]

In Search of Dustie-Flute David Kinloch / (Manchester, England: Carcanet, 2017) [poetry]

Irene June Mathis and Rex Taylor (screenplay, based on the stage play by James Montgomery), George Marion, Jr. (titles), Alfred E. Green (director) / 1926 [film]

Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? Michael Maltese and Chuck Jones (writers), Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble (directors) / 1964 [cartoon film]

Is What Was Jerry Tartaglia (director) / 2008 [film]

Christopher Isherwood (see Dinner with Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, Los Angeles / c. 1986)

It’s Still Your Bed Tyler Reeves (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Jackpot Adam Baran (screenwriter and director) 2012 [short film]

Je t’aime moi no plus (I Love You, I Don’t) Serge Gainsbourg (screenwriter and director) / 1976 [film]

Jekyll and Hyde David Wickes (writer and director, derived from the story by Robert Louis Stevenson) / 1990 [film]

Johnny Brandon Lloyd [as Brandon Crowder] (screenplay), Micah Stuart (director) / 2016 [short film]

Le Journal d’un curé de champagne (Diary of a Country Priest) | Robert Bresson (writer and director, based on a novel by Georges Bernanos) / 1951, USA 1954 [film]

Julia Julie Cohen and Betsy West / 2021 [film documentary]

Jump, Darling Phil Connell (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [film] 

Just Imagine Buddy DeSylva, Lew Brown, and Ray Henderson (book, music, and lyrics), David Butler (director) / 1930 [film]

Keel Bryony Ive (screenplay), Gabrielle Russell / 2004 [film] 

خط Khata Aiman Hassani  and Britt Snel (teleplay), Aiman Hassani (director) / 2019 [short film]

变脸 Bian Lian (The King of Masks) Wei Minglun (screenplay, based on a story by Chen Wengui), Wu Tianming (director) / 1996, USA 1999 [film]

Kitty and the Cowboys Frederick A. Thomson (director) / 1911 [short film]

L. A. Story Steve Martin (screenplay), Mick Jackson (director) / 1991 [film]

Ladies They Talk About Brown Holmes, William McGrath, and Sidney Sutherland (screenplay based on the stage play  Gangstress, or Women in Prison by Dorothy Mackaye and Carlton Miles), Howard Bretherton and William Keighley (directors) / 1933 [film]

Lady of the Pavements Sam Taylor (screenplay, based on a story by Karl Vollmoller), D. W. Griffith (director) / 1929 [film]

Ladyman Stéphane Marti (director) / 1976 [short film]

Lasagna Attacks Phyllis Rosenzweig, Jane Livingston, and the Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington, D.C. / 1976, 1978 [personal memory]

Last Full Show Mark V. Reyes (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [short film]

Sidney Lawrence (see Sidney Lawrence’s Cocktail Party)

The Leading Lady Allen Johnston (scenario), Ned Finley (director) / 1911 [film]

Leda (see À double tour)

Dick Leitsch, GayRights Leader, Dies June 15, 2018 [gay history/obituary]

The Liberation of the Mannique Mechanique Steven Arnold (director) / 1967 [short film]

Liberty Leo McCarey (screenwriter and director) / 1929 [film]

The Life of the Party Darryl F. Zanuck and Arthur Caesar (screenplay), Roy Del Ruth (director) / 1930 [film]

Jane Livingston (see Lasagna Attacks Phyllis Rosenzweig, Janes Livingston, and the Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington, D.C.)

Losing Your Flames Sara York (screenplay, based on a story by Mikel Ledesma), Mikel Ledesma (director) / 2014 [short film]

Lost Angel Derek Efrain Villanueva (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

Love and Death on Long Island Richard Kwietniowski (screenwriter, based on the book by Gilbert Adair, and director) / 1997 [film]

Love Is a Hand Grenade Jessica Benhamou (screenplay and director) / 2021 [short film]

The Lucky Texan Robert N. Bradbury (screenwriter and director) / 1934 [film]

Lycanthrophobia Matt Pelfrey (screenplay), Harry Victor (director) / 1998 [short film]

Madame Behave F. McGrew Willis (scenario, based on Madame Lucy by Jean Arlette), Scott Sidney (director) / 1925 [film]

Mädchen in Uniform Franz Höllering and Friedrich Dammann (screenplay, based on the play by Christa Winsloe), Géza von Radványi (director) / 1958 [film]

Madonna and Child Terence Davies (screenwriter and director) / 1980 [short film]

Magico Juan Sebastián Valencia (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Mahal Kita 1941 (I Love You) (see Aishite Imasu 1941 (愛しています))

Making a Man of Her Al Christie (screenwriter and director) / 1912 [short film]

En malas compañías (Doors Cut Down) Antonio Hens (screenwriter and director) / 2000 [short film]

The Man Who Fell to Earth Paul Mayersberg (screenplay, based on the fiction by Walter Tevis), Nicolas Roeg (director) / 1976 [film]

Mandragora Wiktor Grodecki and David Svec (screenplay), Wiktor Grodecki (director) / 1997 [film]

Manhattan Parade Houston Branch and Robert Lord (screenplay, based on a play by Samuel Shipman),  Lloyd Bacon (director) / 1931 [film]

Manly Pursuits: The Sporting Images of Thomas Eakins Ilene Fort, curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, July 25-October 17, 2010 [art/painting]

Marianne Hauser’s “War Against Death” [fiction]

Mario Banana #1 Andy Warhol (director) / 1964 [short film]

Mario Banana #2 Andy Warhol (director) / 1964 [short film]

Marsden Hartley: The German Paintings 1913-1915 Dieter Scholz, (curator), catalogue ed, with essays by Ilene Susan Fort, Thomas W. Gehtgens, Kaitlyn Hogue Mellini, Alexis Pooth, Bruce Robertson, Thomas Weißbrich, and Cornelia Wieg / Berlin: Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art / The show I saw was at LACMA from August 3 to November 30, 2014 [art]

Mary’s Little Lamb Shamus Culhane and Al Eugster (animators) / 1935 [animated film]

The Masked Mannequin (see Der Fürst von Pappenheim)

Le Matela alcolique (The Drunken Mattress) Alice Guy (Blaché) and Romeo Bosetti / 1906 [short film]

The Matinee Idol Elmer Harris (screenplay, adapted from a work by Robert Lord and Ernest S. Pagano; with continuity by Peter Milne), Frank Capra (director) / 1928, restored 1997 [film]

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (composer), Matthew Bourne director and choreographer / Los Angeles, Ahmanson Theatre / the performance I saw was on December 10, 2019 [dance]

Ménage (see Tenue de soirée)

Le Ménage moderne du Madame Butterfly Bernard Natan (writer; based on the play by David Belasco and the opera by Giacomo Puccini with libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa; and director) / 1920 [film]

Mi Hermano (My Brother) Miguel Lafuente (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Midwife to the Upper Class (see Sage femme de première Classe)

Mighty Mouse Meets Jekyll and Cat Hyde John Foster and Tom Morrison (writers), Mannie Davis (director) / 1944 [cartoon film]

Military School Initiation Robert Henry Mizer (screenwriter and director) / 1963 [film]

Miracle on Sunset Boulevard Marc Heustis (director) / 1977 [short film]

Miss Lonleyhearts Nathanael West (New York: Liveright, 1933) [fiction]

Moby-Dick Gene Scheer (libretto) and Jake Heggie (composer) / Los Angeles, LAOpera, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, November 15, 2015 [opera]

Morning Is Broken Simon Anderson (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Moulage Peter de Rome (director) / 1971 [short film]

Mrs. Reynolds Gertrude Stein (Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1995) [fiction]

Murder! Alfred Hitchcock, Walter Mycroft, and Alma Reville (Screenplay, based on a novel by Clemence Dane and Helen Simpson), Alfred Hitchcock (director) / 1930 [film]

My Best Part (see Garçon chiffon)

My Brother (see Mi Hermano)

My Dad Marie Rory Chiplin (screenplay), Maj Jukic (director) / 2020 [short film]

My Sister, the Brother Robert Henry Mizer (writer and director) / 1970 [short film]

My Winnipeg Guy Maddin (screenwriter and director), George Toles (dialogue) / 2007 [film]

Nattåget (The Night Train) Jerry Carlsson (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Neighbours Norman McLaren (screenwriter and director) / 1952 [short film]

Nest of Ninnies John Ashbery and James Schuyler / 1969 [fiction]

Never Too Late Kyle Jackson (screenwriter and director) / 2016 [short film]

New Objectivity: Modern German Art in the Weimar Republic, 1919-1933  Stephanie Baron (curator) / Los Angeles County Museum of Art, October 4, 2015-January 18, 2016 / I saw the show at the press preview on September 30, 2015  [art]

Night After Night Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Vincent Lawrence (screenplay, with additional dialogue by Mae West [all uncredited] based on a story by Louis Bromfield), Archie Mayo (director) / 1932 [film]

The Night Train (see Nattåget)

A Night with André De Shields [personal memory]

Night World Richard Schayer (screenplay), P.J. Wolfson and Allen Rivkin (story), Hobart Henley (director) / 1932 [film]

Nightswimming Dominic Leclerc (screenwriter and director) / 2009 [short film]

No Sad Songs Nik Sheehan (director) / 1985  [documentary film]

Nosferatu Henrik Galeen (screenplay, based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula), F. W. Murnau (director) Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror) / 1922, USA 1929 [film]

Not Angels but Angels (see Andělé nejsou andělé

À Nous la Liberté (Freedom for Us) René Clair (screenwriter and director) / 1931 [film]

Ode to Billy Joe Herman Raucher (screenwriter, based on “Ode to Billie Joe” by Bobbie Gentry), Max Baer, Jr. (director) / 1976 [film]

Of Hearts and Castles Ruben Navarro (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Oh, for a Man! Philip Klein and Lyn Starling (screenplay, based on a story by Mary F. Watkins), Hamilton MacFadden (director) / 1930 [film]

Frank O’Hara (1926-1966) / also “From Personism: A Manifesto” [biography/poetry]

On the Road & Off the Record with Leonard Bernstein: My Life with the Exasperating Genius Charlie Harmon / 2018 [biography/memoir]

On the Same Team (see En el mismo Equipo)

One Way Passage Wilson Mizner and Joseph Jackson (screenplay, based on a story by Robert Lord), Tay Garnett (director) / 1932 [film]

The One You Never Forget Morgan Jon Fox (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [short film]

Otte Boersma Robert Henry Mizer (director) / c. 1956-1971 [male physique video]

L'Œil du malin (The Third Lover) a.k.a. The Eye of the Crafty Devil, The Eye of Evil Claude Chabrol and Martial Matthieu (screenplay), Claude Chabrol (director) / 1962 [film]

Palmy Days Eddie Cantor, Morrie Ryskind, and David Freedman (screenplay), A. Edward Sutherland (director) / 1931 [film]

Paper Wrap Fire Ray Yeung / 2015 [short film]

Paris France Gertrude Stein (New York: Liveright, 1940 [memoir / travel commentary]

Parisian Love Lois Hutchinson (screenplay, based on a story by F. Oakley Crawford), Louis J. Gasnier (director) / 1925 [film]

Parque do Ibirapuera, São Paulo at night / 2000 [personal memory]

Particularly Now, in Spring Bavo Defurne (screenwriter and director) / 1996 [short film]

Passer les Champs (Beyond the Fields) Fabíen Cavacas and Camille Melvill (screenwriters and directors) / 2015 [short film]

People of the Summer Night (see Ihmiset suviyössä

Petit ami Anthony Schatteman (screenwriter and director) / 2017 [short film]

Photo Op Dave Solomon (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Pickpocket Robert Bresson (screenwriter and director) / 1959, USA 1963 [film]

Pink Narcissus James Bidgood (creator and director) / (created from 1953 to 1970), 1971 (release) [film]

The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde / 1891 [fiction]

Playing with Fire: Paintings by Carlos Almaraz Howard N. Fox (curator) , the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, August 6-December 2, 2017 [art]

Pool Boy Luke Willis (screenwriter and director) / 2021 [short film]

Pregnant or Lesbian? (see Enceinte ou lesbienne)

Presenting…The Monstress! Sean San José / A.C.T. (American Conservatory Theater) at the Strand Theater, San Francisco, October 25, 2015 [drama]

Pretty Boy Cameron Thrower (screenplay and director) / 2015 [film]

Prora Stéphane Riethauser (screenwriter and director) / 2012 [short film]

The Pride Alexi Kaye Campbell / Beverly Hills, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts/Lovelace Studio Theater, July 17, 2017 [drama]

Professional Sweetheart Maurine Watkins (screenplay), William A. Seiter (director) / 1933 [film]

Promenade Maria Irene Fornes  / New York, Judson Poets’ Theatre, Judson Memorial Church, April 9, 1965; revived New York, Promenade Theatre, June 9, 1969 [musical theater]

Przekładaniec (Roly Poly, aka Layer Cake)  Stanisław Lem (screenplay), Andrzej Wajda (director) / 1968 [film]

The Public Enemy Harvey F. Thew (screenplay, based on a book by John Bright and Kubec Glasmon), William A. Wellman (director) / 1931 [film]

Der Puppenjunge  (The Hustler) John Henry Mackay /1926, 2002 (English translation) [fiction]

Querelle Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Burkhard Driest (screenplay, based on the novel by Jean Genet), Rainer Werner Fassbinder (director) / 1982 [film]

Race d’Ep (Breed of Faggots) a.k.a. The Homosexual Century Lionel Soukaz and Guy Hocquenghem (directors) / 1979 [film]

Random Encounterswith George Deem [personal memory/art]

RAW! UNCUT! VIDEO! | Ryan A. White and Alex Clausen (directors) / 2021 [film documentary]

Reaching for the Moon Edmund Goulding (screenplay, based on a story by Irving Berlin), Edmund Golding (director) / 1930 [film]

Rebound Horace Jackson (screenplay, based on the stage play by Donald Ogden Stewart), Edward H. Griffith (director) / 1931 [film]

Red (see Rojo)

Reel Jens Choong (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

The Rejected Richard Christian (director) / 1961 [television documentary]

Remember the I-Hotel Philip Kan Gotanda / A.C.T. (American Conservatory Theater) at the Strand Theater, San Francisco, October 25, 2015 [drama]

Revolt of the Android Robert Henry Mizer (screenplay and director) / 1969 [film]

La ricotta Pier Paolo Pasolini (screenwriter and director) / 1963 [short film]

Larry Rivers (see “In the Mood”)

Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and, Los Angeles, the Getty Center / 2016 [art]

Rojo (Red) Carlos Alejandro Molina M. (screenwriter and director) / 2013 [short film]

Roly Poly, aka Layer Cake (see Przekładaniec)

Phyllis Rosenzweig (see Lasagna Attacks Phyllis Rosenzweig, Jane Livingston, and the Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington, D.C.)

The Saddest Boy in the World Jaime Travis (screenwriter and director) / 2006 [short film]

A Safe Place Danni Lachman (screenplay), Amos Guttman (director) / 1977 [short film]

Sage femme de première Classe (Midwife to the Upper Class) Alice Guy (Blaché) (director) / 1901 [short film]

Salome’s Last Dance Ken Russell (writer, after the play by Oscar Wilde as translated by Vivian Russell, and director) / 1988 [film]

The School of Flesh (see L'École de la chair)

Score Radley Metzger / 1974 [film]

Se sei vivo spara (Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot!) Franco Arcalli and Giulio Questi (story and screenplay), Giulio Questi (director) / 1967 [film]

Sebastian (När alla vet) (When Everyone Knows) Hansi Mandoki, Petter Vennerød and Svend Wam (screenplay, based on a novel by Per Knutsen), Svend Wam (director) / 1995 [film]

The Second Coming Peter de Rome (director) / 1972 [film]

See You Soon Tyler Rabinowitz (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Selected Poems John Wieners (New York: Grossman, 1972) [poetry]

Las semanas del jardín (The Garden of Secrets) Juan Goytisolo, / 1997, English translation 2001 [fiction]

Serious Charges Mickey Delamar and Guy Elmes (screenplay), Terence Young / 1959 [film]

She Done Him Wrong Mae West, Harvey Thew, and John Bright (screenplay), Lowell Sherman (director) / 1933 [film]

新宿泥棒日記 Shinjuku dorobō nikki (Diary of a Shinjuku Thief) Masao Adachi, Nagisa Ōshima, Mamoru Sasaki, and Teakeshi Tamura (screenplay); Nagisa Ōshima (director) / 1969 [film]

Sidney Lawrence's Cocktail Party, Washington, D.C. / c. 1977-1979 [personal memory]

La signorina Robinet Marcel Perez (screenwriter and director) / 1912 [short film]

The Sign of the Cross Waldemar Young and Sidney Buchman (screenplay, based on Wilson Barrett’s The Sign of the Cross), Cecil B. DeMille (director) / 1932 [film]

Silver Road Billy Taylor (screenwriter and director) / 2006 [short film]

Singing Seas Mark Summerville (screenwriter and director) / 1989 [short film]

Slave Market Robert Henry Mizer (director) / 1960 [short film]

The Son (see El hijo)

Sorrows Gregory J. Markopoulos (director) / 1969 [short film]

Sparrow Welby Ings / 2016 [short film]

The Sport Parade Corey Ford and Francis Cockrell (screenplay, based on a story by Jerry Horwin), Dudley Murphy (director) / 1932 [film]

Starcrossed James Burkhammer (screenwriter and director) / 2005 [short film]


(see Brewsie and Willie)

(see Brewsie and Willie) [drama]

(see Mrs. Reynolds)

(see Paris, France)

(see Wars I Have Seen)

Stille landskap Rahman Milani (screenwriter and director) / 2003 [short film]

Straight Out Andy Nicholls (screenwriter and director) / 2011 [short film]

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Lewis Stevenson / 1886 [fiction]

The Strange Tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Thomas Russell Sullivan / 1887 [drama]

The Sum of Us David Stevens (screenplay, based on his play), Geoff Burton and Kevin Dowling (directors) / 1994 [film]

Svans Troels Linde Andersen (screenplay, based on an idea by Patrick Helledie), Martin Reinhard (director) / 2016 [short film]

The "Sweedie" Comedies: 29 Short Silent Films

A Taste of Honey Shelagh Delaney (New York: Grove Press, 1959) [drama]

A Taste of Honey Shelagh Delaney / Los Angeles, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Sunday, October 2, 2016 [drama]

Tělo bez duše (Body without Soul) Wiktor Grodecki (writer and director) / 1996 [film]

Tenue de soirée (Ménage) Bertrand Blier (screenwriter and director) / 1986 [film]

Le Testament du docteur Cordelier (The Doctor’s Horrible Experiment) Jean Renoir (screenplay, based on Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Lewis Stevenson, and director) / 1959 [film]

Theater of Paint Gronk (artist), Los Angeles, Craft & Folk Art Museum, Sunday, July 3, 2016 [art]

The Third Lover (see L'Œil du malin)

The Third Sex Willy / 1927, 2007 (English language translation) [cultural history/gay studies]

$30 Christopher Langdon (screenplay), Gregory Cooke (Director) / 1999 [film]

33 Teeth Evan Roberts (screenwriter and director) / 2011 [short film]

Three Decembers Gene Scheer (libretto, based on the unpublished play “Three Christmas Letters”), Jake Heggie (music), video directed by Tara Branham for Opera San Jose / 2020 [opera/video]

Three Lives Gertrude Stein (New York: The Grafton Press, 1909) (Los Angeles: Green Integer, 2004) [short fiction]

Tijuana Bandit Robert Henry Mizer (director) / 1964 [short film]

The Toilet Amiri Baraka /first presented in New York at St. Mark’s Playhouse, on December 16, 1964; reprinted from Douglas Messerli and Mac Wellman, eds., From the Other Side of the Century II: A New American Drama 1960-1995 (Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1998) [short drama]

Tom of Culver George Green and Dale Van Every (story and screenplay, with additional dialogue by Clarence Marks and Tom Buckingham), William Wyler (director) / 1932 [film]

Tom of Finland Aleksi Bardy (screenplay, based on a story by Bardy and Dome Karukoski, with additional storylines and dialogue by Noam Andrews, Kauko Röyhkä, Mia Ylönen, and Mark Alton Brown), Dome Karukoski (director) / 2017 [film]

Tomorrow Joshua Paul Johnson (screenplay), Leandro Tadashi (director) / 2014 [short film]

The Tongues of Angels Reynolds Price / 1990 [fiction]

Too Many Husbands Claude Binyon (screenplay, based on a play by W. Somerset Maugham), Wesley Ruggles (director) / 1940 [film]

Total Eclipse Christopher Hampton (screenplay, based on his play), Agnieszka Holland (director) / 1995 [film]

Les Tricheurs (The Cheaters aka Youthful Sinners) Jacques Sigurd (screenplay, based on an idea by Charles Spaak and Marcel Carné), Marcel Carné (director, assisted by Serge Friedman and Paul Seban / 1958 [film]

Tumult (see Tumultes)

Tumultes (Tumult) Robert Liebmann, Yves Mirande, and Hans Müller (screenplay), Robert Siodmak (director) / 1932 [film]

The Turn of the Screw Myfanwy Piper (text, based on novella by Henry James), Benjamin Britten (composer) / March 20, 2011 [opera]

Turnabout Hal Roach / 1940 [film]

Twice Two Stan Laurel (screenplay, uncredited), James Parrott (director) / 1933 [film]

The Twin Gerbrand Bakker, translated from the Dutch by David Colmer (Brooklyn, New York: Archipelago Books, 2009) [fiction]

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll Wolf Mankowitz (screenplay, based on the Robert Louis Stevenson fiction), Terence Fisher (director) / 1960 [film] 

Two Gentlemen Sharing Evan Jones (screenplay, based on a novel by David Stuart Leslie), Ted Kotcheff (director) / 1969 [film]

The Two-Headed Calf Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy) / a production of CalArts Center for New Performance and STUDIO teargaleria / performed at Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) in Los Angeles, October 19, 2019 [performance/drama]

Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice Janet Malcolm (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007) [biography/critical study/review]

Two of Us Leslie Stewart (screenwriter), Roger Tonge (director) / 1987, 1988 (new release 2004, USA) [television/ film]

Two Little Boys Farbod Khostinat (screenwriter and director) / 2020 [short film]

Two Men by the Sea (see Dois Homens ao Mar)

Two Serious Ladies Jane Bowles / 1943 [fiction]

Uncle David David Hoyle and Asley Ryder (improvisation) David Hoyle, Gary Reich, and Mike Nicholls (director) / 2010 [film] 

Underground Peter de Rome (director) / 1972 [short film]

The UpStairsLounge Fire of New Orleans, June 24, 1973 [gay history]

Usher Curtis Harrington (screenwriter and director, based in the story “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allen Poe) / 2000 [film]

Valmouth Ronald Firbank / 1919 [fiction/poetry]

Vagabunda de Meia Tigela (Floozy Suzy) Otavio Chamorro (screenwriter and director) / 2015 [short film]

Van Vechten (see Carl Van Vechten Photographs: A Selection)

Il vangelo secondo Matteo (The Gospel According to St. Matthew) Pier Paolo Pasolini (screenplay and director) / 1966 [film]

Vendrá la Muerte y Tendrá Tus Ojos (Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes) | José Luis Torres Leiva (screenwriter and director) / 2019 [film]

Vieux Carré  Tennessee Williams / Los Angeles, Redcat (The Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater in The Walt Disney Concert Hall) / December 2, 2010 [drama]

A View from the Bridge Arthur Miller / Los Angeles, Ahmanson Theatre, September 14, 2016 [drama]

Violet’s Visit Andrew Creagh and Barry Lowe (screenplay, based on a story by Richard Turner), Richard Turner (director) / 1995 [film]

Wall Boy Sasha Ettinger Epstein (screenwriter and director) / 2009 [short film]

The Walworth Farce Enda Walsh / Freud Playhouse, UCLA (the performance I saw was on Saturday, November 14, 2009) [comedy/drama]

A Wanderer of the West Arthur Hoerl, W. Ray Johnston, and Victor Rosseau (screenplay), R. E. Williamson and Joseph E. Zivelli (directors) / 1927 [film]

The Want Ethan Braun, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer (composer and librettist), Adam Linder (dance and direction) / Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theater) (loosely based on Bernard Marie-Koltès play In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields), September 19, 2019 [performance]

The Warrior’s Husband | Walter Lang, Sonya Levien, and Ralph Spence (screenplay, based on the stage play by Julian Thompson), Walter Lang (director) / 1933 [film]

Wars I Have Seen Gertrude Stein (New York: Random House, 1945; London: Brillance Books, 1984) [memoir / history]

We Think the World of You Hugh Stoddart (screenplay, based on a novel by J. R. Ackerley), Colin Gregg (director) / 1988 [film]

West Side Story Tony Kushner (screenplay, based on the musical by conceived by Jerome Robbins, with a book by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein, and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim), Steven Spielberg (director) / 2021 [film]

What Did I Do?: The Unauthorized Autobiography | Larry Rivers with Arnold Weinstein / 1992 [autobiography]

What the Butler Saw Joe Orton / Los Angeles, the Mark Taper Forum, November 30, 2014 [drama]

When Love Comes Garth Maxwell, Rex Pilgrim, and Peter Wells (screenplay), Garth Maxwell (director) / 1998 [film]

Whoopee! William M. Conselman  (screenplay), William Anthony McGuire, Robert Hobart Davis, and E. J. Rath (story, based on the play The Nervous Wreck by Owen Davis), Nacio Herb Brown, Gus Kahn, and Walter Donaldson (music and lyrics), Thornton Freeland (director) / 1930 [film]

Why the Wooden Indian Wouldn’t Robert Henry Mizer (writer and director) / 1969 [short film]

The Widow’s Might Marion Fairfax (screenplay), William C. DeMille (director) / 1918 [film]

Wings Hope Loring and Louis D. Lighton, screenplay, based on a story John Monk Sauders; titles by Julian Johnson), William A. Wellman (director) / 1927 [film]

Wish (see Deseo)

Wonderkid Matt Diss (screenplay, based on a story by Rhys Chapman and Terence Corless), Rhys Chapman (director) / 2016 [short film]

Yankee Doodle in Berlin Mack Sennett (screenplay), F. Richard Jones (director) / 1919 [film]

You Are Not Alone (see Du er ikke alene)

Young As You Feel Edwin J. Burke (screenplay, based on a play by George Ade), Frank Borzage (director) / 1931 [film]

Young Soul Rebels Isaac Julien and Paul Hallam (screenplay), Isaac Julien (director) / 1991 [film]

Zen and the Art of Landscaping David Kartch (screenwriter and director) / 2000, 2001 general release [short film]

Zero Patience John Greyson (screenwriter and director) 1993 [film]

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